Friday, December 4, 2009

Time for Camping!

There's a steady, cold rain out there tonight... and we're going camping tomorrow. I, for one, haven't been camping, save for backyard overnights, in 19 years. So, the idea that this time - this first time for my girls - has to start in the rain, is not one that I am thrilled about. So many of our family vacations/events (including our wedding) have involved rain. The forecast, though, is for the showers to end sometime tomorrow afternoon. We check in to our site at 3 p.m., so I am praying that the rain will stop by then. Sunday is supposed to be glorious after a night with lows in the 40's (I know you northern people think that's balmy, but sleeping in it is something different), so it's all sure to be interesting! At this point, I won't begrudge the rain, though - there's always the garden to think about! :)

Speaking of rain and the garden, about two weeks ago, one of our neighbors showed up in our backyard with a rain barrel he'd purchased for us! While I was surprised, I think he was even more surprised at how tickled I was with his thoughtful gift. We've still go to find time to actually get it all put together, but I'll be thrilled when we can begin conserving some water to use on the garden when we do get rain in our dry season.

The garden is producing nice patches of greens and radishes so far. The zucchini and cucumbers are done for this season. The tomatoes are small and green and not too many yet, save for the potted cherry tomato plant that has a lot of little green babies on it. I think our orange and oak trees have just grown too wide and shade our garden more than I would like; the tomatoes are not getting enough sun I think. Beets are getting bigger and the lettuce is doing well. The arugula is perfect! So, I know that I can grow those things for sure. I'll be trying a few more things after the holidays. It will be time to start sprouting those warmer weather crops.

In the meantime, we've nicely filled out our menus with lots of other local food from the CSA (LOVING IT!!) and the farmers' markets. I love looking down at the table and seeing all the things that are grown right in my own garden or town or the next one over. I even noticed that the nearby grocer carries tofu that is made less than 50 miles away from here. That makes this vegan so very happy!

Wishing you all a warm and dry weekend (us too) and I'll talk with you all again after we return from our camping adventure!


Anonymous said...

Camping in Florida might be OK in the winter, but we're in Canada and it's below freezing outside. We had a few snowflakes today. Brrrr!

Kez said...

I hope your camping trip is going well and that you're keeping dry!

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