Tuesday, October 27, 2009

IDC : October 27, 2009

A quick and easy format for a Tuesday post via Sharon's "Casaubon's Book" Independence Day Challenge.

Plant something: Nothing this week yet, but there are still a few squares in the garden, since the spinach refuses to grow.

Harvest something: two cucumbers, a yellow summer squash, arugula, oregano, and two "sampler" radishes came out of the garden today.

Preserve something: I'll be skimming all the leaves off the oregano and drying it tomorrow for future use.

Waste Not: the regular recycling & composting, cutting up t-shirts from Goodwill to aid in Halloween costume making, using coffee filters more than once, using the light over the stove as opposed to overhead lighting (seven bulbs) in the kitchen during the day, passed on buying the big jar of prepared garlic and instead made my own jar with the girls helping me peel 8 heads of garlic, hung the whites out a day late, but at least I didn't throw them in the dryer, found a like-new bike and a pair of rollerblades that I had specifically been looking for at Goodwill yesterday

Want Not: cooked and froze pinto beans this weekend, finally juiced all the limes Mom had given me, chopped all that garlic in the food processor and stored it in a jar with a bit of water in the fridge

Build Community Food Systems: Joined the CSA!!!!! SO excited about this. Also shopped the farmers' market on Saturday.

Eat the Food: homemade bread, still cooking all breakfasts except for Saturdays from scratch (lunches too, but I was already doing that!), think I'll make some granola tomorrow

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