Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Color, Color, Color!

Oh, gee, it's just been TOO long since I've posted. But, I guess that's what can happen when you've been at this blogging thing for nearly 3 years. I know others are much more prolific than I, but this is what it is and I just haven't felt up to it of late. That said, here I am!

I hadn't felt inspired by too much of late - not enough to post anyway, but color always inspires me and I came across this fantastic deal today and it just made me SMILE.

I was out running errands in the rain and stopped in at Goodwill to pick up some sweaters for unravelling when I spotted this wonderful valance:

Yay for color! It really livens up our little eat-in/schooling area and was an inexpensive addition at only $2.99 per valance. I actually thought it was homemade due to the fun color combination. It kind of put me in mind of Anna Maria Horner's things. Seeing as I don't sew, none of her fun fabrics have found their way into my house, but I can tell you I was thrilled with these! At home I finally found a tag: JCPenney Home Collection. Hmm. Who knew? I'm impressed, JCPenney!
More color, but this time we're wearing it! I gave myself a couple of blue streaks in my hair this weekend and then got it cut on Monday. Just needed something different... something unusual... something more me.

You can see a little of the front blue streak by my left ear in the picture here.
And then the bigger one in back.

Eve got in on the fun too. She was so excited with my color and wanted to do it too. I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of us both having blue at the same time and I also told her that she'd need to pay for the color herself. I had bleach leftover from my kit, so that wouldn't be a problem.
She was disappointed until I remembered that you could dye your hair (as well as yarn!) with Kool-Aide. At .25 a packet, that was something she could afford and so she's got a strawberry streak now too! Fun, fun. It fits her sweet personality to a 'T' and will go with nearly all her pink, pink clothes! :)

I finally finished my Kepler sweater about 2 weeks ago from the yarn I recycled in February. It fits beautifully and I'm so pleased with it. Of course, now it's way to warm to wear it, but it gives me something to look forward to this autumn.
Here is the sweater the way it was before. It was a man's sweater, so that I could ensure I would have enough for a sweater of my own. And indeed I did; I have a bunch of it leftover.

And here's the finished product. I may get around to putting it on for a picture one of these days, but this will have to suffice for now.

I'm currently working on a tank top out of some bamboo yarn I bought about a year and a half ago at a yarn sale. And I just picked up those sweaters at Goodwill to unravel today. One is brown with some other colors laced through it - kind of a heathered brown with little flecks of reddish orange. The other two are white which I'll use for dyeing this summer. Two different fiber blends, so it will be interesting to see how the colors take. Fun for experimenting!
Hope you're all well. I haven't even been out in the blogosphere much of late. I've just been popping into Facebook for a few moments. I'm okay with that; it means I'm busy in the "real" world and that makes me happy too.


Marianna said...

Love the idea for hair dyeing with Kool-Aid. That would make a fun, inexpensive party activity and has to be better than the spray on stuff my daughter got at the school carnival last weekend.

LOVE your sweater! You are so creative!

I love your window. What a wonderful view to look at while you are eating. I've decided I need more color in this house. Everything is too beige! I have some fabric to make pillows I just need to get it done.

Penny said...

What a beautiful sweater!!

Liz said...

Fantastic!!! Great re-use for the yarn!

Marie said...

Catherine is dying a strand of her blond hair pink for her end of the year speech (share something you can do that is interesting). I haven't shared this topic with her father, however! Any idea how long it takes for the Koll Aid to wash out??

Kez said...

Great to hear what you've been doing. Love the sweater!

Mrs. Pivec said...


The Kool-Aide is meant to be permanent. That said, Eve's fade quite a bit with her first shampoo, so we re-did it. We bleached the strand of her hair first so it would show up and she doesn't want it blonde, so we'll keep pinking it up as needed. Catherine's hair looks blonde enough to take the color and will likely wash out - at least the majority of it will - with a few washes. Don't know if it will come out all the way though! :)

Mrs. Pivec said...

Thanks, everyone, for the sweet comments on the sweater; I'm very happy with it!

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