Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where We've Been

One day when the girls were playing outside with their cousins and I was inside working on lunch for everyone, I discovered the beautiful art that had been happening right on my own driveway. I love this darling girl and the artist - my own Eve - even more! I love how her head (the drawing's - not Eve's!) is huge and her feet are tiny and how she looks as though she would be floating upward, past you, in a dream.

This is just one of the images from my whirlwind days of March. I thought I'd share a few other favorite photos from this month as well. They don't capture everything. For one, somehow I have nary a picture of my brother-in-law or sister-in-law - at least ones that are specifically of them or us together and not just them in the background. Crazy! I think I just get lazy about it because they come every March for the month. But surely, next time, we will have to do a group photo!

My days of guests aren't over yet, though. Tomorrow night, friends from South Carolina arrive for a two-night stay before they head to Disney World. I confess I am quite tired, but still enjoying the ride.

I know these faces don't mean anything to most of you readers, but they mean the world to me. So, I'll share and hope you enjoy some of the sunshiny shots as Spring heads your way. With that, I share some shots of just where we've been.

My Maia and Paul at Lido Beach:

Three beautiful "babies" at the airport: My baby sister, Lael, her own baby, Celia, whom I met on the day of her birth, but have not seen for nearly two years :(, and my own first baby, Maia.

C. was so great on her first plane ride. After I kept her awake with songs and stories for a bit, I let this little one recharge her batteries.

Celia has some fun in Grandma's pool with Mommy.

The next day, cousins Misha and Cole enjoy Playmobil on the lanai with Eve. There's their daddy's leg. No head. *sigh*

A couple of windy days later at Sarasota Jungle Gardens. Lael and I share those same curly locks. No need to "pump up the volume" on this day. The wind worked quite nicely, thank you.

Pretty birds with prettier girls:

Mom and Jerry treated us to the Gardens. Here, they treat their feet to a well-earned rest.

A highlight of every Sarasota Gardens visit is feeding the flamingos. Can you see Maia's wide-mouthed expression of delight? :)

Celia enjoyed working on a smaller scale:

And my ever-fashionable girl, Eve, wearing her own hand-knit and crocheted scarf, despite the heat, got her own close encounter with a pretty, pink friend.

Well, that's all I have time for today, friends. We'll be off on some more adventures in less than 24 hours. Time to get a few more things done!


kelli said...

Thanks for letting us share the time of wonder, family and joy with you! May you be able to enjoy and rest as your journey continues!

Hilty Sprouts! said...

How nice! You make me want to live in a warmer climate! Loved your daughter's artwork too, I noticed the "floaty" quality as well. So sweet!

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate your prayers.


Karen said...

great pictures! you all look so much alike!! and you are all beautiful! even the baby looks like twins with her mom.

Liz said...

Oh my goodness. How is it possible that Maia is a young lady? Where did the time go?

Both your daughters are just beautiful! Not really a surprise. ;^)

Mrs. Pivec said...

Such kind comments, friends. :) Thank you so much!

Karen, I haven't forgotten about/ignored your questions you've left in earlier posts. I'll be doing a Q&A soon! I just need some more down time to put my thoughts and links together.

Marianna said...

Great pics Nicole! Looks like y'all had lots of good family time.


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