Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Haven't felt like posting much of late. Perhaps blogging may be waning for me. What with Facebook and the millions of other ways to connect nowadays, it's grown too challenging for me to keep up with all of it. Still, Earth Day holds a very special place in my heart.

Today we will only do math for school and will be dedicating the rest of the time to celebrating our beautiful planet.

First, we'll decorate the sidewalk and driveway with sidewalk chalk in honor of Earth Day.

We'll take our annual clean-up walk with garden gloves on and trash bags in hand. The girls will also each get their own bag to keep with them for a week to collect their own trash and see just how much each of us creates.

We'll be doing some things over at Nickelodeon's The Big Green Help site - games and all sorts of other things over there.

We're going to go through our closets and rooms to see what else we would like to add to the growing collection of things to donate to Goodwill. I'm hoping we'll decide to get rid of more plastic.

We'll spend a good deal of time talking about "precycling." Not bringing stuff in to begin with.

We'll have a lights out night this Thursday night (we'll be at Grandma's tonight) at our house. We'll keep everything lit with candles only.

We'll discuss the things we're doing well and ways we can do better.

There's a lot to cover; it should be a fun day!

Are you doing something special today?


Karen said...

i do hope you'll decide to keep blogging ... i think it's a great support system we like-minded folk have for each other in a world that's majorly, majorly tipped to another side. it's hard to balance sometimes without friends that help keep us grounded. you are one of them. i don't post but once a week, myself. it's a lot, especially the speed at which blogger uploads pictures (why does it do it so slowly?) .... but just do it when you can and i'm sure all your readers will understand. i like the ideas that you are passing to your children. be well.

Mrs. Pivec said...


Your are SO, so very sweet. :) I wish I could meet you in person! Thank you, as always, for the kind supportive words you send my way as well as the life you share on your own blog.

And speaking of Facebook, are you there? Come on over and find me if you are!

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