Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy, Lovely Valentine's Day

Hello, Friends! Long time, no write, I know. I just haven't felt up to it the past week. I can say, however, that my friend, HS (that's Holy Spirit to you and me!) has been up to a great work this week in me. I have had a major attitude adjustment and am so thankful for God's gentle guidance. (See my preivous post for details).

So, this morning, my girls awoke to Valentines 'a la Daddy:

and Mama:

Paul has an annual tradition of getting each of us girls at least one rose on Valentine's Day. This year we are watching our pennies particularly closely, but that didn't stop him. He watched a tutorial online of how to make tissue paper ones and that's what we got! So cool! Those are mine at the top in my needle vase. He gave the girls' each their favorite color: Maia, yellow and Eve, pink.
I gave everyone a personalized, Valentine haiku that I wrote on the heart-shaped doilies. And I whipped up the little hearts after seeing them on Soule Mama's blog yesterday. She's got a link to the pattern over there.
This time last year I was in bed fighting a cold and the resulting ear infection. To my surprise, the cold is not here, but the plugged ear feeling is. I had my annual visit to my doctor on Friday and asked her to take a peek in there and, indeed, there is fluid. Something in the air, perhaps? She sent me home with some samples of decongestants. I've had decongestants before, but not very often. I'm taking them, because I don't want another infection and it does seem to clear my ear for the greater part of my day.
It also gives me lots of (artificial) energy!
So, artificial or not, I decided to take advantage of it. I'd planned on having this day be for some non-knitting related projects that have needed tending to.
A "Before and After":

The decade-old plain and dirty chair fabric that I never liked from the beginning and now...

a pretty, striped pattern with all the colors I like to decorate with: creams and various shades of blues and greens.

I've also been painting the Adirondack chairs to match the picnic table I painted last year in homage to Monet's Japanese bridge in his garden. Love, love, love that dark-turquoise color!
I'll have before and after photos of that too when they're done.
I've also made pizza for dinner and a special Valentine cake for my sweethearts. I'll have photos of the cake and a recipe to share (if it's as yummy as I hope it will be!) in my next post.
One of my favorite parts of today has been with these two:

There is a little dock across the pond from our back yard. The folks that own the property never use it and don't mind the neighborhood children coming and sitting out there or fishing, etc. Only recently have I let the girls head over there and now they are over there nearly every day!
Occasionally, they will holler to me from across the water, "Mama, come over here!" But inevitably I am in the middle of making lunch or cleaning up or something. So I decided to take a break from all my busyness and spend a little fun time with my two littler Valentines.
So, equipped with my camera and our current book we're enjoying together for school, Charles Dickens', Great Expectations, I headed over and basked a bit in the sun with my girls and read a chapter aloud. It is nice over there, sitting just above the water. I can see the draw for my girls and I'm thankful they have this opportunity at this time in their lives.
It also was a fresh perspective of our own home for me. It was a nice view, I thought. I've always worried a bit, because we have so much activity always happening over here and various things always going on in the yard. I strongly believe that this is what a home should be. We truly live in and around our home. But I do wonder from time to time just what those on the other side of the pond (some of whom really are from the UK! ;) ), see. Does it look cluttered with the rope swing, the hammock, the compost, the laundry line? The trampoline is currently in storage, but the rest remains the same.

And what I saw made me smile. From this point, you couldn't see all the bare patches under the well-loved swing set and around the base of the equally as loved (and climbed-in) tree. You couldn't see that the house really needs a power washing - just as it did 5 years ago when we moved in! :)
No, all you could see was what I thought was a friendly sort of looking place, usually filled with many children, busy doing what children do. And I had the advantage of knowing that it is a friendly place and behind those walls are where many good things happen, many sweet things are created, and where much love is shared every day. It was a very sweet Valentine, indeed.


Marianna said...

I LOVE your paper roses! You and the girls will always have those to remember this day by. It really is the simple things, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Loved the roses, and the knitted one! You are so clever, my girl.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Misspelled my own title!

Mrs. Pivec said...

It's like you're my Jamaican mama; thanks, mon. :)

kelli said...

What a fun post! I especially love your fabric on your chair...those are some of my favorite decorating colors as soothing and the sea:)

kelli said...

Hey, Nicole!!

Way off topic here, but I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions about your dishwasher:) We have narrowed it down to Bosch and Kitchenaid.

I was wondering if you know which model you have? do you deal with the filter? We have heard pros and cons to it, and I was curious to hear your thoughts. Have you ever noticed a "smell" coming from your dishwasher? In researching online, this seems to be somewhat of a common complaint.

Thank you SO much for your thoughts!!

kelli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tara said...

I love your perspective about looking at your home through new eyes. I have been thinking and blogging a lot on that very subject. What a lovely Valentine's day.

Mrs. Pivec said...


I'll have to look up which model we have - I know it was a mid-range one as far as cost goes. I think the one just below the most expensive at Lowe's.

As for the smell, there have been a few comments from the kids about it from time to time, but that has usually been when we haven't washed at least once a day. I don't think it's any more than our other dishwasher... maybe a BIT. I'm thinking that's just because it's more airtight? Certainly not something to cause me not to buy it!

Prairie Girl said...

came by your blog via Katrina at Simple Life Moment's blog. These paper roses just warmed my heart. So very sweet.

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