Saturday, January 3, 2009

Orange and Yellow January

Do you "color" your months? I usually think of colors associated with the months, but I must admit that January has never mentally appeared to me as orange or yellow. And yet, here in Florida, those colors abound every year with the citrus boom. Semi -trailers loaded with oranges from farms "out east" head westward every day down State Road 64 to the Tropicana plant that operates out of our very own city, Bradenton. Check the carton the next time you get a chance. Yep, that's where we live.

We've got our own white grapefruit and tangelo tree in the backyard. Mom keeps bringing over lemons and tangerines and so does our neighbor down the street. The juice freezes alright. It's not as good as fresh, but when the season winds to a close and the fruit is going to get too ripe on the trees, it's worth it to freeze some. Certainly the lemon juice is worth freezing for cooking and cleaning, which is just what I was doing today - the juicing... oh, yeah, and I guess the cooking and cleaning too! :)

I gave my kitchen a bath today. The toaster oven that we love (we don't own a microwave), but that we've only had for 2 years, died due to the timer knob going on us. Frustrating. The one previous to that died for the same reason I think. They were both gifts. Now we're looking into buying one with digital controls. It's frustrating, because dh could fix it if parts were available, but even looking online, he can't find anything.

When it rains, it pours, right? We just paid $700 to have the car fixed, dh had a forced day off of work with no pay (he has no vacation time), and now we'll likely need to buy a new toaster oven for round about $100 for a good one. Oh, well. Walking in faith one day at a time, right? :)

So, because the toaster oven was gone and I could see all the crumbs and dust behind the thing AND because it's the new year and somehow I think every part of my home needs a makeover to somehow reflect this... and all before Monday, thankyouverymuch, when I need to start school again, I decided to just clean and rearrange the kitchen.

It didn't really take very long. I did some of the juicing too and now the kitchen smells so nice and citrusy.

So, a clean kitchen and a clean slate with room for Resolutions '09.

My word of the year is kind of a serious one. My resolutions add a bit more fun into the mix. Don't get me wrong; kingdom building IS fun stuff. I love practicing hospitality and just lovin' on folks. Who doesn't like that? But I just don't have any real heavy-duty resolutions this year like trying to give up things or commiting to a huge project or anything like that.

This year I'd like to:

- practice carrying my sketchbook with me in my bag, so that when I get a moment if I'm out and about, I may be able to sketch my surroundings. I put my sketchbook away part way through the year last year for just a while. I needed a break and needed to not feel so divided between knitting and drawing. Knitting, I've learned, is my true passion, and though I may not do the sketching every day - or even once a week, as was one of my goals last year, I still enjoy it and want to just have it available when inspiration strikes.

- PLAN my Christmas knitting/crafting. I'm serious. I want to sprinkle projects throughout the year amongh other things, so that we don't have another repeat of this year'rs frenzied, midnight, crafting!

- just keep building on what I did last year with the charity knitting and hosting craft nights at my house

Well, that's it. My fun and - hopefully - simple list of resolutions for the new year. Planned to keep me smiling! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, hon!
Loved the color of your month! I, too did the cleaning up of all decorations and got all calendars updated for 2009! Yes, we must all plan our year so that we are not frenzied at the end, huh?!
Love you all, and see you Wed.,

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I love the idea of connecting colors - and the feelings they're connected to - to months and seasons.

Aimee said...

i just love citrus clean and fresh...your kitchen must smell heavenly!

MamaBear said...

for what it's worth, I've had great luck finding good toaster ovens at thrift stores. Our local used goods shop has a whole shelf full of them for a few bucks apiece; at that price one afford the chance that there might be something invisible wrong. I've also found that really old ones are sturdier; it seems like it's the forty-year old toaster oven that still works great. Alternatively, a used oven could be a good source for parts?

Hilty Sprouts said...

I love the bright colors and scent of citrus fruit! It makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

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