Friday, December 26, 2008

Patterns Revealed

Today has been a pretty peaceful day. It's nice to have no obligations ~ nothing I must do. I seem to fall in line with th0se end-0f-the-year 0rganizatinal urges and cleaned 0ut my bedr00m cl0set t0day. After the m0nths 0f sneaky knitting and cr0cheting and hiding vari0us gifts in there, it needed a g0ing-thr0ugh f0r my sanity. In typical B0xing Day fashi0n, cl0thes were stacked int0 bags and added t0 0ther d0nati0ns that will be making their way t0 G00dwill 0r the l0cal church thrift st0re.

I als0 always feel a need t0 eat well after a h0liday gathering. I d0n't eat t00 many sweets 0n the wh0le, but never having been a big sweets eater t0 begin with, I have a pretty l0w thresh0ld f0r 0verl0ad. I pulled s0me kale fr0m the garden t0 have al0ng side 0ur "bean bread" lunch. I've adapted a recipe fr0m the M0re With Less C00kb00k and d0 the f0ll0wing:

a slice of bread t0pped with
vegan may0
imitati0n bac0n bits
sauteed 0ni0ns
a t0mat0
and pint0 beans seas0ned with chili, 0ni0n, cumin, and garlic p0wder, salt and even m0re fresh garlic added t0 the c00king p0t f0r g00d measure!

Yummy and filling!

As I'm writing this I am eating "Cheesy" Broccoli and Grits and a bowl of red cabbage. "Cheesy" Broccoli and Grits is a recipe from a vegan cookbook I got from the library over a year ago and is one which, unfortunately, I cannot remember the title! It is the ultimate comfort food for me and is wonderful for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here it is from memory:

2 c water
1/2 c yellow or white corn grits
1 c broccoli florets in little pieces

I put the water in a small pot, add the broccoli and bring to a boil. Once boiling I slowly pour in the grits, stir and reduce heat to low. Cover the pot and cook for about 15 min, stirring about twice.

When done cooking, stir in the following:
2 T nutritional yeast (yuuuummmmm!)
2 t flax seed oil
2 t olive oil (or just use 4 t olive if you don't have flax)
1 t salt

Mmmm... perfect. Makes two servings.

I thought I'd show you a few of the projects I did for my family for Christmas that I couldn't share here previously. The mittens (Tiffany - free on Ravelry)at the top of the post were for my sister. The red baby cape ("Daphne" Cape from Knit Two Together) was for her daughter. The gray hat was for her hubby and the brown (both hats, Jacques Cousteau - also free on Ravelry) was for my brother.

I have a one more pattern to share with you next time, but now I need to get off here and go test out the new laptop we got today! This computer is about 10 years old and is having a harder and harder time keeping up with all that's out there nowadays. Did you notice the letter 'o's at the beginning of my post are actually zeros? My letter 'o' on the keyboard keeps malfunctioning and doesn't always work. At least spellcheck doesn't seem to mind the zeros.

Mom and Jerry gifted us with some money for Christmas. Thanks Mom and Mr. J! That, plus a Christmas bonus means we will finally be up-to-date with the 21st century. :)

Hope you'll have a warm and wonderful weekend!


tonia said...

absolutely lovely! what precious gifts to receive. i'm trying to teach myself to knit so i have to keep my ambitions a bit lower than your beautiful projects, but i hope to knit gifts for next year.

thanks for the recipes. i'm feeling a little over-indulged myself these days. :)

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Anyone would be thrilled to receive such beautiful knits. The little red cape makes my heart sing!

Here's to a great new year!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, such beautiful pieces you have done! I love to see all your other projects, the kids like wearing the hats you made them. Thanks for sharing your recipes too, I am feeling uninspired these days and I enjoy hearing your great ideas! Keep them coming.
Love, Lena

Hilty Sprouts! said...

Wow, those are neat patterns! I am making progress just practicing the basic stitches and making little sample pieces. My kids love them and keep asking me to make more "scarves and blankies" for them. I have been a little afraid of taking the next step of trying a pattern. Any suggestions?

I love knitting so far!

superior said...

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