Monday, December 8, 2008

Just One Day

I want to preface this post with a note that this is a "Day in My Life" post. I come across these now and then and sometimes I have time to read them and sometimes I do not. Feel free if you are interested at a peek into our day. Mostly this is here for posterity; a note on how we are now, amidst this season, this challenging financial time, the end of this year, 2008. Paul has a different schedule than we've ever had before and things are different, but the same. I know things will only continue, forever, to change, so this is just a note, just a memory of just one day.

Our Nativity, just waiting for the arrival of Mary and Joseph and the Wise Men.

I woke this morning from a dream, one of the most popular dreams there is to have, and yet I have never had it before this morning. Paul has had it and his mom has had it, but I never have. My teeth were falling out. First two back molars on one side dropped into a sink below me and then another, from the other side as I reached my hand, in alarm, to my mouth. Thank goodness I woke up before much more happened.

According to one website, this popular dream has to do with concern over your appearance and of getting older. :) Aaaahhh, yes. The Christmas family photo we did yesterday. Waaaaay too much scrutiny! I am never a big fan of the portrait, but, like this writing I love the posterity and the looking back at the moment and so, yes, the Christmas family photo.

Out of bed just before seven, I sat down for some Bible study and prayer time. I adore the quiet, reflective season of Advent. And now the house is decorated... fewer things were set out this year. I want to keep the season simple and focused. It's still quite lovely in the morning, though, with the sun just coming up over the pond and I can just enjoy the lights on the tree.

I'd like to say it was all completely peaceful, but when you have five pets, so happy to see you awake and to signal that their day is about to begin, then things are never that calm. Two of the three cats were in serious naughty mode and the third was just trying to stay out of their way and defend herself. The bird squawked for breakfast and dog had to be let out. I made myself a cup of green tea and reminded myself to breathe deeply.

I skipped the Bible study book I was reading this morning after prayer and the Advent devotion, so that I could catch up with a bit of journaling. I'm surprised I'm still in the same journal I've had for just over a year now. I'm still so happy with the method I've developed with images from magazines, thank you or birthday cards received, and other "stuff." It's mostly journal with a little bit of scrapbook and it is the unloading of my brain onto the page. It is good. Very good.

One benefit I get from all the pictures I cut out is simply that I am collecting beautiful things without actually buying or caring for those things. Sometimes we just want things because they are beautiful. And sometimes we want things... like a beautiful pair of shoes... that we know we will never have because a) they are not vegan and b) they cost $328. I can't even find a picture of them to share with you, though I have searched. I did find this though, and it's a close second, except the one I like has a red toe and heel. But it is pink like this and it is a Mary Jane style which is something I love. And it is in this month's edition of Real Simple magazine, which a friend gave to me (and which I shall duly cut to shreds for the journal!) Do I have any shoes like this? No. But just because a girl believes in living a simple life doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate a sweet pair of pumps! And so into the journal it goes and satisfies my soul just a wee little bit.

Time to wake the girls at 8:00.

Dressed and a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast.

It's Monday, so, "bring your whites!" Eve is in charge of those and I will hang them out later.

Bible time and advent devotions are first for us after I have a look at Paul's eye. The Christmas tree bit him, poor guy. He's got a long scratch on his left eye and it's all bloodshot and bugs the heck out of him. :(

The girls go off to their own journal and prayer time while I make a copy of a Spanish word-search puzzle with Christmas words. While at the computer I pop onto Facebook, leave a note about myself and one for my cousin.

I set up Eve with her math test and then talk to Maia about her math assignment for the day.

Then it's outside to hang the whites, iPod in my ears for the chores. I pick the rest of the radishes to give to the neighbors, thin a few of the carrots and grab a couple of bunches of kale for lunch. Then water the garden. (Photo at left of my laundry this past May.)

Inside, it's noon and Eve is rounding me up for a prayer. Maia is talking over a word problem in math with her daddy, so she doesn't join us this time. But this month our church is praying every day at noon for our mean-and-nasty-gives-Ebenezer-Scrooge-a-run-for-his-money-neighbor. We are praying to bless him and ask God to work in his heart a little kindness, for him to quit harassing our neighbors and their children, and to accept the friendship we offer to him. We will be praying for him every day into the new year. Pray for Bob Brown at noon too if you think of it; we'd love to see a miracle! :)

After the prayer, it's time to make lunch: Vegan Goulash, mixed veggies for the girls, sauteed kale with garlic and tamari for Paul and me, and grapes. I have to stop now and then and tell Eve not to start to cry when she gets frustrated over her math test. I have to remind her that it's okay to get some wrong - not to worry and just finish it.

Time for lunch. Today at the table, the talk turns to fungi, because there are mushrooms in the goulash. Maia starts, "Mama, are there other kinds of fungi that we eat?" I tell her I can't really think of any off the top of my head. She already knows fungi are used in antibiotics; she's looking for things we'd eat. Eve asks, "Do you know of any poisonous kinds of mushrooms? Not ones that just make you sick or just make you sick and die, but ones that kill you right away?"


After lunch, Paul gets ready to head to work and the girls and I sit down for art. This year we are using Artistic Pursuits curriculum (again, no image to link to - what's the DEAL?!), which is a drawing program and which we are all enjoying a lot. Today we were learning about Balance within a composition using shape or value. First we talked about American artist Winslow Homer and looked at his painting, New England Country School as an example of balance. The assignments were to, "Draw an experience as you recall it," and "Draw an indoor scene. Place objects in the scene so they balance." We had tea: chai for me, Earl Grey for Maia, and lemon for Eve, while I read Little Town on the Prairie. We all got a little creeped out when the mouse ate Pa's hair in the middle of the night!

After art we were done with our work for the day. We drove out to the library to pick up the Pokemon movie the girls had on hold. They are watching it right now. I should be walking the dog... and yet here I sit. :) Knit Wits are tonight. My mom and her friend are on a cruise, so it'll just be me and my mil. Just two knit wits tonight. I plan to add the finishing touches to one knitted gift and swatch for another. My mil will likely leave around 9:00 when the girls go to bed and I'll get as much knitting done as I can before heading to bed myself. I'm not too tired right now, so I may still be up at midnight when Paul gets home.

So that's the day. Just one day in my life. It's been a good one. :)


Karen said...

i love that you homeschool your kids. i'm torn on it, despite being a montessori teacher and loving that method ... i'm not at all religious but very spiritual in terms of eastern thought and philosophy ... i, too, have to remind myself to breathe deeply. it works! if your mind is in it, of course.

Karen said...

i love that you homeschool your kids. i'm torn on it, despite being a montessori teacher and loving that method ... i'm not at all religious but very spiritual in terms of eastern thought and philosophy ... i, too, have to remind myself to breathe deeply. it works! if your mind is in it, of course.

Anonymous said...

I love your day!

I really, really wished we had made the decision to homeschool when my children were young. Unfortunately, my hubby did not believe in it, but I'll admit that I did not research it adequately.

It sounds like you have your priorities in order. What an inspiration!

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