Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Maia - Twelve

Wish I had some pictures to share with you all today, but it seems I left my camera at Mom's. I'll post a few in a few days.

We had a birthday party for my girl there yesterday; she is 12 today. Yes, oh, my. 12. And yet, this birthday is not hitting me as hard as some have. I suppose I attribute that, thankfully, to two things: one is that she is not as "grown up" as I think I once feared these older ages to be, and two, she is just a fine, fine person.

What a pleasure it is to get to know your children over the years. What a blessing it is to genuinely like them. A lot! Maia has a terrific sense of humor and a laid-back, easy-going personality. She has a few moody days, but they are exceptionally rare. She is not like her Mama; she really rolls with things.

She easily makes friends with both boys and girls. In fact, recently, when we were looking through a bin of clothes given to us, there was a sweatshirt that said, "Girls Rule." She said she didn't want that one. "I don't like things that say mean things about boys," she said. "I've got a lot of boy friends." And she does. Not a boyfriend yet, though!! And we'll just be keeping it that way for some time thankyouverymuch!

This was her first co-ed birthday party. Just two of those boy friends came to the pool party hosted by Grandma and Jerry and the kids really had a blast. The kids came to our house and then we all carpooled over to Grandma's where Grandma and Mr. J greeted everyone with a Hawaiian lei and a fully decorated lanai in Hawaiian style. It had been an above normal week weather-wise and was a steamy day, but we knew a cold front was moving in and so the pool was heated to a comfy 84 degrees F.

The kids played Marco Polo and other games and had a few races. We took a break for doughnuts - in lieu of cake - and a few other treats and then the kids entertained themselves in the pool for another hour. It was time to go just as the promised cold-front was moving in. Home later, they all played Freeze Tag until parents arrived. Such a great day with a group of great kids.

Today I am in a sweatshirt and long pants. Autumn has returned and we look toward Thanksgiving. But I will remember this fun day for a long time. The day my girl entered her last year of "official" childhood. I have said a couple of times this year to a few friends that I while I would love to have a day to hold her again, so small and soft, in my arms, I would never give up the time I've had with her or the time I enjoy now with the person she's become.

Happy, happy birthday, Maia!! I love you so very much!

Photo credit: Doughnuts with Sugar Pearls and with Chocolate Icing by Alexander Feig


Marianna said...

Happy Birthday to her! It is wonderful to watch them grow and develop into the people they will become.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Maia. Have a super day!!!! It's exciting getting older at your age, but take each and every one as it comes and stop to smell the roses once in awhile.

Nicole; I'm glad I've been able to experience the baby stage again especially at my age. Reading your comments about Maia makes me appreciate my children and the time I have with them. Thanks for that.

Patty said...

Happy Birthday to Maia. my mothers birthday would be today the 17th.
My oldest will be 30 in two years and already I am wondering how I will feel having a child that is 30
They grow so fast but each age is such a blessing, such joy !

Kez said...

I've been away so I missed saying Happy B'day to Maia - a very happy belated b'day to her!!

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