Saturday, November 1, 2008

And Now, November

...but first, we really ought to finish beautiful October. Can you believe we are in the last two months of the year?! It seems sudden to me somehow. Maia said, last night, as she was examining her cache, "I love the end of the year! All the best holidays are at the end of the year!"

Here's how we finished October off with a bang:

Maia was a pirate. Daddy made her sword out of wood scraps and she worked this week painting it. Awesome! :)

Total cost: $0


Look out for ghouls!
Outstanding costumes

- Maia Pivec

Eve was a "Spa Lady." Her face was cold all night because of the non-drying mask she wore, but she looked fantastic!

Total cost for her costume: $1.36 for the mask.


Halloween is orange
tastes like pumpkins
looks like fun
sounds scary
feels cool

- Eve Pivec

Our neighbor girl came over and joined the pirate and spa lady as "The Tacky Tourist."

That pirate's sweet smile is deceptive...

... her blade is swift and deadly!!

Spa Lady is glad to be on her good side. She's learned to put up with her antics.

And then, the haul, of course. Lots of wheeling and dealing took place. The vegan swapped with the vegetarian and omni, alike. After a good tooth brushing, the natives went to bed with smiles on their faces.

So, now, we welcome November!

November Nights

November nights are
purple nights-
dusky purple deep-
And in the purple twilight,
The summer flowers sleep.

November nights are purple nights.
Now, when the shadows cling,
I dream of summer's heliotrope
And lilac for the spring.

- Leland B. Jacobs


Marianna said...

Love the tacky tourist...only in Florida right?

Maia's costume was really good. She did an amazing job on her sword. And Eve was quite creative. I never would have come up with that idea!

Glad they had fun.


Creative Life Studio said...

Thank you, Marianna. Yes, it was a good night! :)

Karen said...

lovely post, lovely girls!! i want to be a spa lady next year! great poem, too.

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