Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Wee Bit of Fall Decorating

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit and welcome to October! This Sunday I began pulling out some of the autumn trimmings now that it's starting to feel the least little bit fallish around here. Maia wanted me to get out the Halloween things today too, but alas, I have a few too many things on my plate. Perhaps tomorrow... I find I am needing to strike more of a balance in my days. This will take some looking into, but frankly, I don't have the time right now!

With the economy as it is and our own home budget freeze, there is nothing new this year in way of decor that has been purchased. Not even a trip to the thrift store is to be had. Oh, well, that's what creativity is for!

So, this year, I've just moved a few things. Instead of hanging the leaf garland over the fireplace, I've arranged it on the sideboard. I pulled out a little tea set that my late step-father brought back from one of his business trips to China. It's terracotta and fits in beautifully with the autumnal color palette. I've never used it before and am happy to find a use for it now!

The picture on the sideboard is one I'd propped on the mantle last year too: a simple, free picture in last year's Home Companion magazine. I just cut it to fit a frame I had and "matted" it with some gold scrapbooking paper (a little edge of it is behind the white).

Just one of two fall tablecloths I have thanks to Mom. I have a small collection of milk glass and I like to put tea lights in them at this time of year. They cast such a pretty glow at night.

The mantle is a bit plain this year, but that's okay with me. It's still got a fallish color scheme and more milk glass filled with candles. I always have to contend with the mirror (not having had the budget to tear it down), so I usually prop different pictures up there. I bought the big picture frame last year at an antique store for about $6. I spray painted it red and used it in last year's decorating too. I like to frame different thing in it; it can really make something plain look rather interesting.

Here you can see some more of the tea set and a little sheep that my Mom brought back for me from her summer road trip. I love sheep! Also on the mantle are a few agates that I love to keep there year round in various spots. They are collected from some of the gravel from my former home in Minnesota, as well as a beach on Lake Superior (up at Lamb's Cabin Resort - has anyone been there? I love it there!). I am not much of a collector, but I do love little tokens from places - especially if they are from nature.

Plenty of folks are decorating for fall around Blogland. Be sure to have a look around ~ there's lots of inspiration to be had - especially if you're on a shoestring.

Finally, today is International Vegan/Vegetarian Day and October is Vegetarian Month. I would be wildly remiss if I didn't mention it!! There is a beautiful, beautiful video put out by A Life Connected and Nonviolence United worth taking a few minutes to watch if you are interested. Especially if you wonder why someone would make the effort to live a vegan lifestyle. This video, by the way, is not graphic or violent in any way as some can be. In my opinion, there is a place for those, because the truth should be told. But at the same time, I know it can automatically close some people's ears to hearing some very important aspects that a vegan diet addresses such as your own health, the environment, and world hunger. If you have a few moments, take time to watch this today.


Marianna said...

Very nice fall decorations. Like you I'm not adding anything new this year. My big splurge were two jar candles at Michael's for $3.33 each...


the pleasures of homemaking said...

I think the frame that frames is a fabulous idea!The sideboard look great and I love the bowl with the pinecones on the table! Great touches of fall around your home!


Anonymous said...

The sideboard looks great! You have such a knack for decorating, making the simplest things look extravagant! "Sheepie" looks like he/she belongs on the mantle--very Coshocton-like!
Love you,

Mrs. Pivec said...

Thank you, Mom! :) And Marianna and Manuela too!

Becky said...

Lovely decor!

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