Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Lunaversary, Treats, and Tortillas!

This past Tuesday was Paul's and my lucky-in-love, 13th Lunaversary. For those of you who don't know, my husband and I had a Renaissance wedding 13 years ago on the first full moon in October. We chose the date according to the moon and this way we have a lovely, romantic, full moon for every anni - ahem - lunaversary.

That morning I woke to this:

The little bird had a scroll tied up in the lace with a special message from my honey to me! Lace, I guess, is the gift for year 13. I stood and cried. Why? Yes, it was so sweet and thoughtful, and special, and the bird he'd made was SO cool, but I cried because I had done nothing. That's right. Nothing. :( Boo, me.

I'd had a lousy night the night before (a.k.a. hormonal) when dealing with yet another dog "gift" left for me on the kitchen floor. Do I have a puppy, you ask? Why no, I do not. I have a 10-year-old, stubborn terrier that goes through phases where she uses the spot in front of the kitchen lanai door as her toilet. It usually starts with an accident. An accident every once in a while I can handle. But then she gets it into her mind to keep up the fun and it usually lasts a couple of weeks. >:( And then she gets it out of her system, so to speak, and goes back to being a good dog. So, yep, that's what I'm dealing with right now.

ANYway, that distraction, plus thinking we really weren't going to do anything had me missing the boat in a big way. Will not let that happen again! Dh wasn't upset in the slightest, though. My Paul; he's the best.

I took some photos when he was at work that evening, and thought of him all the while. He said he saw the moon that evening too, so we were able to share that in our own way.

That evening, too, I checked the mail and was in for some surprises!

Sweet Jessica sent me a thank you card for my blog of all things! She says she reads, but hasn't been able to comment for a while, since she usually reads on her phone while nursing her darling, new Ella. So thoughtful, Jessica. Thank you for the note; it was really special and I'm going to be sticking it right into my journal!

(Jessica's got some great new baby things going up in her Etsy shop, so be sure to check it out if you've got some bitty babes in your life.)

The same day, the wonderful blanket arrived - fun!

Listeners of the Stitch-It Podcast have a group on Ravelry and we are knitting charity blankets for wee, preemie babies spending time in the NICU. I am part of the East Coast Group. This blanket started in Vermont (the green), then traveled to Virginia (the blue) and is now traveling through Florida (white, blue,and mine - a blend of pale yellow and white), before heading back north on it's journey along the east coast. We each knit 4 inches on the blanket in any design of soft, washable yarn that we choose, and then pass it on, often with a little treat for the next recipient. I started knitting on it last night and am doing a seed stitch/stockinette pattern for my section. I have to get my thinking cap on for a little treat. Here's the one that was gifted me from Stephanie:

She sent me this delicious-smelling "pumpkin patch" soap from Indian River Soap. The whole package - and even the blanket- have its delightful, pumpkin scent. Mmmmm.... thank you, Stephanie!

Finally, yesterday for lunch, the girls and I made homemade tortillas for our burritos. We have been studying Mexico and Central America in our geography and this was a fun way to explore the culture.

We love, love, love Mexican food at our house (but look, ma, no cheese!) and enjoy it at least once a week in one form or another. The girls were thrilled with our project and declared the burritos, "Delicious!" So, success! Another item to add to kitchen factory days: homemade tortillas. I plan to make a stack soon to freeze and eat. Yum!


Marianna said...

You are lucky to have such a sweet, thoughtful husband! I hope you said a little prayer of thanksgiving for him.

I must say I'm impressed at your tortilla making. They've always intimidated me...all bread does for that matter. I have a great recipe you'd like...It is black bean burritos. I cook an onion in olive oil, throw in a diced bell pepper at the right time. After that cooks a minute add cumin and chili powder to taste then a can of black beans and as much salsa as you want. Serve in tortillas.

Anonymous said...

What a great "Lunaversary" gift! That Pablo is so creative, and the photo of the moon over your pond was really neat!
I will try tortillas some day too. Have all the stuff, just the urge to make them is missing so far.

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