Friday, September 12, 2008


... um... hello? Hello?

Oh... hi! Boy this place sure was dusty and needed some cleaning up! It's amazing how much dust can collect over two months of being away. But I am back now! :) Not with a vengeance, really, but more like a quiet settling in. As you can see, the place is a bit more spare now, which is how I'm kind of feeling these days. Not spare in a bad way, but spare in a clean and organized way.

Do you ever take all the stuff off the refrigerator doors just to have it cleared off for a while? All that white space looks pretty good after it's been covered with magnets and drawings and menus and notes. My fridge never stays completely bare for long, but I do enjoy the restful, blank canvas for a while.

Though I haven't cleared off my fridge (I do want to!), I stopped by here and cleaned house a bit. It seems appropriate for new beginnings and so many things are new for us:

:: another new school year
:: a new job for my husband with...
:: a new work schedule - a second shift - an adjustment for us all
:: a new decade for me (I turned 40 this past Sunday)!
:: and a new plan for our future - hopes and dreams of moving "home" to Minnesota

It seems pretty crazy to want to try to move in the midst of this horrible economy and housing market. Certainly, our house is not for sale at this time; we will be taking time to ready it for market while paying attention to said market to see what it does. But we will have reached our 5 year mark for living in Florida on September 19 and we promised ourselves we would evaluate our situation and make decisions at that time. A few of you who have followed my blog from the beginning - or nearly the beginning - two years ago, will recall my struggles at feeling at home here. Enough of those feelings remain for all of our family to consider the move back north.

Paul's new job plays into this as well. Not only are the hours different for us, but also we are not making as much: there is a long drive with a toll and a lower salary. But in this economy, we are thankful to have income!!

In the meantime (our goal being to try to put the house on the market in the spring if things are looking okay), we continue on with new angles, new perspectives: a new, blank canvas, so to speak.

I just wouldn't be me if I didn't get reflective on turning 40, but seeing that it is 12:45 a.m., I'll be needing to share those thoughts - and a whole lot more - in future posts. But I just wanted to put out the welcome mat once more.

Talk with you soon!


Kez said...

*wiping my feet on the welcome mat and wandering in*

Hey, you're back! I'm glad things are on the improve for you..

Happy belated b'day!

Anonymous said...

Yea, you're back! I so enjoy reading your blog! I find out more here than when I am with you, as we have other things to talk about. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Nicole.

It seems so many of us took a step back from the blogs over the summer, myself included, with fewer words. Glad you're back and feeling reflective. I get that.

Anonymous said...

Please let us know if there is a MN move in your future. That unsettled feeling isn't fun - I hope you enjoy the journey (to wherever you're supposed to be) :-)

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