Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rainy Season

We have lived here in Florida for 4 1/2 years. An average weather pattern is supposed to contain a rainy season in the summer months. For the past two years, we have not been so lucky. The rain pattern has been sporadic at best and last year was really rough. This summer, so far, though, is looking to be a bit different:

When Sparkle Pond touches the edge of the dock across the way, the water is quite high!

We were on our way home from the library today when the downpour began. I am thankful that I am not the only one who drives very slowly in these miniature squalls. The rain comes down so fast and so hard that you really cannot see far in front of you at all. Thankfully, today we were not far at all from home when it began. I was handling it all fairly well when the hail began. Ugh. Nothing huge; the pieces were mostly ranging from dime to nickel size. But, let me tell you, it was so LOUD from inside the car!! Upon arriving home we quickly noticed that a very large branch from one of our front trees was down. Paul believes it simply collapsed from the weight. Nothing was hurt, thankfully, and we all ran into the house to immediately feel safe, and warm, and dry.

The rainy season for me is a wee bit like a northern winter in that it gives me an excuse to be cozied up inside. I know some of you may find that hard to believe, but humor me for a moment. :) We do not have the time of "putting the garden to bed" for the winter. And we have more sunny days than not. I do love this fact and my mood appreciates the sunny skies. But, when the day is sunny and beckoning nearly every day, I find it challenging to enjoy myself inside. I always feel like I ought to be outside doing something... productive! I think this comes from the lack of warm and sunny days I had in MN. The gray skies and length of the winter more than the freezing temperatures is what pushed me southward. Florida folks, I find, are pretty spoiled and don't seem to relish the weather they have quite as much. Northerners seem to work at a near frantic pace and be out, out, out whenever they can during the warmer seasons.

I think I still have a bit of that in me.

So, when the rainy season comes, I am happy and ready for it in my own way. Laundry must get out first thing in the morning to have time to dry before the first distant rumblings can be heard. Then the gray clouds roll in and the lightning show begins! Despite the warm weather, it is just too inviting to light some candles while the rain pours down. It becomes the perfect excuse to read a good book, watch a movie, or, of course, knit (but I won't talk about my knitting today... I am mad at it right now)!

This pair of black-bottomed whistling ducks doesn't mind the rain. They like that the squirrels have
run for cover and left all the seeds on the ground for them!

Yes, I will get tired of the season before it is ready to be done. I'll get tired of the wet, wet grass every day and the perpetual moisture in the air. But, like first snowflakes, the first summer thunder storms are a welcome reprieve. I hope it continues. We need the water after a few years of drought. I am happy to welcome the rainy season. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Hon,
I too like the rain! When it gets dark and rumbly I feel all cozy, provided no tornadoes or damaging winds accompany the storm. Must be a MN thing!

Misty said...

i'm so glad i am not the only one who gets mad at her knitting, 3rd person and all! lol! being not so very far from you, we got slammed w/ some of your weather a bit before you did.. i love it as well. something very comforting about a safe but dismal day!

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