Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Vegan?

I feel a certain shift happening in me that continues to grow daily. I think a big part of these feelings I'm having have a good deal to do with the fact that I will be turning 40 in 4 short months.

As I've noted in a previous post, I've never been a pushy vegetarian. But, you know, now I just feel that it is more important than ever for me to speak and live my truth. I am a very polite person and try very hard to be kind, considerate, and tactful. It's not like I'm saying, "Well, NO MORE!" But. But I don't think I've done enough. And I feel kind of like this shift - this freedom growing in me that says, "If I don't do or say what I mean to do or say in my life now, when will I do it? When will be a better time?"

There have been other times and other pieces of myself that I have found or rediscovered (such as the need to weave creativity into every day of my life - to validate that and recognize it as important for me) in the past few years that have proved to be very important. This is one of those things.

Returning to the vegan diet - that I tried for a year 3 years ago - is what I am talking about. Yes, maybe it has to do with turning 40, but also, maybe it has to do, too, with the health crisis so many Americans face... and the fact that rice - a staple for the hungry in so much of the world - is also in crisis... and that the environment continues to be in crisis. A vegan diet addresses ALL of these things including the factory farming cruelty that happens on a daily basis. Nobody wants to look at that - least of all me. But I need to raise my voice more: for the animals that have no voice, for my children with an uncertain future, and for those I love eating diets that are statistically showing to be harmful to them manifesting in high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more.

My posts won't all change to this nature, but there will be more of them from time to time. I feel like I've been too quiet for too long.

The Question is not...

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