Saturday, May 17, 2008

Living More with Less Read Along - Foreward/Intro

I think I will be posting here once a week - on the weekends I think - in regard to Doris Janzen Longacre's book, Living More with Less. I reviewed this book a couple of weeks ago and invited anyone to read along with me to discuss the book. The topics are broad enough, I think, that others can participate in conversation if they like even without reading the book, so feel free to comment if you'd like, whether you are reading along or not.


I was just speaking with a friend of mine at church last Sunday and she was kind of lamenting the fact that she isn’t farther along in the kinds of changes she wants to make in her life to simplify - to be more green. Yet, she realizes and also commented that she knows it takes baby steps - one change at a time to incorporate into your life.

I told her - and what I’ve said here on my blog - that I love this lifestyle, because it is always an experiment. All of a sudden you will think of on your own or discover a new way to walk more lightly and with more intention and sometimes you will wonder why you never thought of it before. It’s hard to see, sometimes, a new way of being when all your life everyone around you does things a certain way.

I loved the section in the forward where Longacre talks about the small decisions she says, ”…which, if you stop to think about what causes what, become maddeningly complex. This book is unapologetically about such small decisions.”

She then goes on to give a scenario about needing flour for bread which I just love! I have had many of these same conversations myself. Sometimes when I tell people the conversations I have with myself in the grocery store, they just look at me and shake their heads. But I can’t help but think, “Another plastic container??? Can I make it myself? Is it organic? Can we afford it if it is? If it isn’t organic, is it one of the REALLY pesticide-laden foods, or is it relatively benign? Can I wait until I can buy it in bulk or do I need this with with packaging right now?” Etc.etc.etc.

I'm SO glad to know I’m not the only one who deals with this type of thinking!


Kez said...

lol - I have similar conversations in my head! It's a scary place to be sometimes :)

Can you tell me more about the banner you have on your blog for the free vegetarian starter guide? I'd love to eat less meat (not sure if I'll ever get to no meat - sorry!), but find it all so overwhelming.

made by kort said...

here are my thoughts on the intro...

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