Friday, April 11, 2008



Is it the time of the year? Is it just so much to do? Is it way too much time spent on the computer anyway? Is it that the spammers have found me? Is it that I wanted to start conversations here and have done that... but also have not found that too and seem to find them more on message boards... ? Is it that there are seemingly MILLIONS of blogs out there and I really just couldn't keep up if I wanted to now? And there are so many very, very good blogs with people dedicated to their blogging... Or is it that I'm just a wee bit tired?

A little bit of everything I think. Maybe just a new phase? Maybe I won't stop altogether... maybe I will. What do you do with a blog? I don't want to just delete. Are there tutorials on saving all. those. words? Maybe I'll feel differently in a week or two. Really, it doesn't matter that much in the big scheme of things... except for that part about all. those. words. So, any pointers on preserving them so that I could do that... if the need ever arises? :)


Kez said...

Noooo, don't stop please :( Your blog is one of my favourites..

When I've had enough of blogging, I just take a couple of weeks off with no pressure to post anything. I hope you'll consider just doing that..

Re backing up your blog - I found this in the help - hth.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no! I look forward to your blogs! Just take a break, then go back--they are too creative and artistic to stop. I look on them as art!
Love you,

Laurie said...

I agree with Mom!! (LOL) There are seasons when I get just overwhelmed stop blogging. I'm just ending one of those seasons. I really haven't blogged regularly since last fall. It was just a crazy winter for us. But maybe you're too busy outside now and would rather give yourself time off. Don't delete the blog and don't stop. Every couple of weeks, stop by and do a quick "i'm still alive" post and a quick update on your activities until you feel the push again. Because it will come back. :)

WRT what to do with the words. I have my blog set up to email me all my new posts. So I have them all in a special Outlook folder, stacking up. It's nice to reference and one day, when I get organized (ROFL), I'm going to put them into more of a homeschooling scrapbook. Right now, it's a nice way to look back at the learning and activities, etc. But if you go a little Mason-ish, you could always notebook it. ;) Just print out the entries with photos, add a little art on the side and voila - a fast scrapbook of your homeschooling!

Marcie said...

I know I read about an online service that will print and bind your blog and send it to you; I just can't remember where I read it (I blame it on "Mom-Brain!") I'll try to track down the information and come back and comment again.

I'd be sad if you stopped blogging. It sounds like you have several creative outlets however, so you may not need to express yourself on your blog. I like reading it when you do though. :)

Anonymous said...

I've considered this myself at times, especially since i've found flickr, (which, given more well-rounded descriptions can serve the dialog/conversation aspect -- sort of.)

Having said that, I'm very glad to get to know you through your self-published ideas.

If it at all helps, I have stopped trying to "keep up", looking less at the stats and enjoying more the handful of people with whom I do communicate -- one of whom is YOU!

Take a breather and see how you feel. Either way, I'm so glad to know you.

Anonymous said...
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Marianna said...

I'm right there with you...this is a particularly busy time for me, and I just don't feel like spending my precious free time online so my blog has really suffered. I've thought about stopping, but like having the outlet to vent about crazy things I read/hear!


Kez said...

Mrs P - I finally found an easy way to backup your blog. This utility - - downloads your blog for you. I just realised I have been blogging for almost 3 years so I'd hate to lose all of that!

It puts them in XML files and it doesn't actually download the photos, just puts links to them, but at least you get to save your words.

I'm off to figure out how I can open them and print them now.

Kez said...

I also just found out how you can view all of your posts in one page -

Put the url like this - where you use your blog name and date range.

You can then just copy & paste into Word or whatever. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way of putting it in chronological order but at least you have it! (and you can get the photos as well that way)

I just did mine and it comes to 268 pages!!

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