Monday, March 24, 2008

Live Lightly Meets Golightly!

Well, the Live Lightly Tour has headed off up the road toward their next stop in Tampa. But here are some shots from our weekend with them.

Matt, Sara, and Bella rolled in a little before 5:00 p.m. Friday night. My brother-in-law (Mike) and sister-in-law (Lena) had just arrived for dinner with their two children, Cole and Misha. Paul had just gotten home too, so we all got a chance to meet our new friends. After supper, we all got a chance to peek into the RV.

Bella and Misha enjoyed a snack on the tour...

... while Eve and Cole had fun playing with the stickers Sara handed out from some of their sponsors.

We were all disappointed on Saturday when it decided to rain... and rain and rain... all day. Our plans to relax at Siesta Key beach in the sun were nixed, so while the guys hunted down a source for veggie oil to fuel up the RV, Sara, Bella, and I did some thrift store shopping (my girls went to play with their cousins at Grandma's).

Saturday evening, we all decided to check out the new raw restaurant in Sarasota called Veggie Magic. Most of us really enjoyed it, but there was one among our party that wasn't too thrilled with her raw pizza. We found a regular veggie burrito for her elsewhere after dinner!

On Easter Sunday the Jannsens came with us next door to our neighbors/our house church. Afterwards, we were back at our place for an Egg hunt and brunch.

Notice the sunshine! It was a terrific day, so we all decided to give Siesta Key another shot. I didn't take my camera, because it was quite windy and I didn't want to battle the sand. But we all had a really good time. Worn out by the time we got home, the kids had an early night and Sara and I got to watch this dvd on a raw food family that I had been wanting to see and that Sara owned.

All in all, a busy and nice few days with lots of food and fellowship and fun. Thanks for visiting, guys and blessings on your travels!


LaelR said...

Wow - that's a full house! Seems like you had a good time. Happy Easter to you all - and check out Ladybug Place for a new post (and a new video will be uploaded in the next couple of days, I hope).

Marianna said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad you enjoyed it!

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