Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy March!

Went to the doctor today and it turns out I have an ear infection. While I can't do much else, I can sit here and mess around on the computer and knit. I put together a mosaic for my February Project 365.

Here are the yarn projects I'm working on today:

My top-down raglan cardigan. Other than a failed knit tank for myself, this is my first garment.

Finishing up one redone fingerless glove for Eve to try.

And working on a crocheted blanket in a shell pattern fro Project Linus.

The yogurt is in the yogurt maker so I can counteract the antibiotics I'm now taking. It's a lovely day here and it's March! Spring is just around the corner my northern friends! Have a lovely weekend.


LaelR said...

Yay! A whole blog of knitting! I can't wait to see what your sweater looks like. And I have to agree with your assessment of the blanket - some child is going to be VERY happy!

PS - No more goose egg! :)

Kelli said...

Happy March to you, too! I love your photo collage and your knitting projects are wonderful. Sorry to hear about your ear, infections are so painful. I hope it clears up quickly.

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