Saturday, March 15, 2008

Art, Fevers, and Fun :)

Hooray! My art supplies arrived yesterday! I haven't had a chance to take photos of them yet, but I will and I will share what I hope to do with my new toys! :)

Yesterday was a good day. I finished a little birdie painting in my moleskine and I think it is going to be a good point for jumping off into some other work. I have already started scribbling notes down in an idea notebook so I don't forget! And now that I've got even more materials with which to explore, I'm SO excited!!

Last night was inspirational too. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are visiting from Minnesota. The cousins really enjoy playing together and now that they are older, it's getting easier for Grandma to stay with them for a few hours so we parents can get out for a bit. So, last night we went to Village of the Arts located in downtown Bradenton. They were having their annual "Moonlight Movie and Martinis" night. It was raining on and off, so no movie could be shown, but OH. It was just terrific!

How is it that I have lived here for 4 1/2 years and I have never been to this? This is a charming little area with homes from the early 1900's that have been converted to studios and galleries. Some are both and some are also occupied by the artists themselves. It was really a lovely evening with little tents scattered here and there for martinis or wine tasting and food from local restaurants. I met some lovely people and was just so inspired by them living in and among art and artists all the time. Dreamy. :)

It got me to thinking about some things that I really want to do and what I need to do to make those things happen. I left feeling a bit braver. :)

Well, cousins who love each other also manage to spread germs and so the little one here who wasn't feeling so well and honored her bigger cousin by allowing only her or her mama hold her, also shared her virus. But that's the price for love, right? :)

So, Maia is down and out this weekend with a fever... and so are the visiting cousins over at Grandmas. :( We are all hoping for quick recoveries for them all. They are staying for a month, so they have some time to recover and still have some fun.

In the meantime, Eve is staying away from EVERYONE (lol!) and playing more games with Mama and Daddy. A bowl of peanut butter cereal with chocolate soymilk and a game of dominoes (after setting up a domino run) doesn't replace big sister, but it's not a bad substitute.

Finally, we will be having company next weekend too! Sara, a blogger at Walk Slowly, Live Wildly, and her family are on the Live Lightly Tour (see a video about their cool ride here... it run on veggie oil!) and will be staying with us over Easter weekend! We are all so excited and hope to take them out to Siesta Key for some fun in the sun while they are with us. I'm sure I'll have a lot of new photos to post of our adventures together.

In the meantime, we are hoping to nurse everyone back to good health and get out in our fabulous, springtime weather. Orange blossom perfumes the air everywhere! Praise God for orange blossoms and springtime! It's coming your way!


Kez said...

I hope you're all feeling better soon. Enjoy your family's visit.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!,
I sure hope Miss Maia feels better soon! Like you said, cousins will be here for a month, so plenty of time to get better! Hope she is better for Wed. and Tues dress shopping day!

Sara said...

Yay! We're in Savannah now...getting closer to you every day! See you soon mama...

Marianna said...

Hope Maia is better soon. Have fun with Sara! Can't wait to see pics!

I love your bird drawing, btw!


Marcie said...

How exciting that you will be meeting Sara and her family. I guess I may read about your adventures on her blog, and yours as well. What fun!

Leah said...

oh, the village of the arts sounds great! i totally love the artwork you've been doing in your moleskine. gorgeous stuff!

Anonymous said...

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