Monday, February 11, 2008

Butterflies and Valentines

Look what landed on my wall this weekend! :)

I saw this idea in "Home Companion" magazine. I love anything botanical/nature inspired, so this was a perfect idea for me. The butterflies are simply taken from free clip art online, printed, cut, folded and stuck up on the wall with a re-usable putty.

It's a fun addition to our living room. :)

We are gearing up for Valentine's Day around here. I keep one folder full of regular Valentine creating materials and I pull it out every year. But every year is different, of course; our tastes change for color and texture and so there are always new things added to the standard supplies.

Eve set them all out before we began working. We always need a lot of room, so we chose the living room floor so that the girls could listen to Johnny Tremain on audiobook on the stereo while we worked.

And there's just nothing link a last-minute scramble to get you inspired! Tomorrow is co-op day and the girls each need to pass out 29 Valentines. So, "assembly-line style" was also added to the repertoire this year.

Valentines for family and close friends can be worked on at a more leisurely pace on Tuesday and Wednesday.

When I was at the dollar store about a week ago, I picked up some cool, little, printed Valentines from the I Spy books. I thought the children might enjoy finding "hidden" items on their Valentines. They were bright and cheerful and certainly more original than the typical printed super heroes or television characters.

But I just couldn't do it.

I just can't bring myself to buy those. Like Halloween costumes and birthday cakes, they're just not the same from a store. I know some children like them and, truly, if my children really didn't want to make their Valentines this year, I wouldn't make them.

But it's a tradition now.

Sarah dropped in to say hello.

And they do look forward to it, even if every year it does get to be a bit tedious and every year I begin to hear, "Can we take a break?" And the big mess sits on the floor for a day or two.

There seems to be some unwritten rule in my head that we are a handmade, homemade family. It's not a hard and strict thing, but just something I always seem to look to first. Then, if our ingenuity or time is not on our side, we will purchase. I don't mention this to judge how anyone else does Halloween or Valentine's or whatever. I am just saying that handmade and homemade are just things we value and it works for us.

I'll be sure to share our finished creations in a day or two!


Anonymous said...

Hi my hons,
Love the "flutterbyes"! That must have been quite a project!

Kelli said...

The butterflies are so pretty! It looks like the Valentine making was fun, I can't wait to see the finished ones. Are you liking Johnny Tremain? It's next on our reading list and for some reason I feel like skipping it.

Creative Life Studio said...

Thanks Mom and Kelli.

We are loving Johnny Tremain! But I felt like you; I didn't think it would be something of my interest. I got it on audiobook for that very reason. The narrator does a wonderful job and the girls are always asking to listen to it during lunch or other times that they are working with their hands, but can listen. They really like recognizing characters from history that we have read so much about this year: John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, etc.

Definitely give it a listen - or a read. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a serious valentine's card operation! We are very behind schedule this year, so I'm making something and simply having the girls stamp them tomorrow night (last minute) but you're right there's nothing like that touch of the hand. Happy Valentine's day.


Marianna said...


I love the butterfly's. That is really cool!

We made Valentine's this year also. My son is, at this moment, finishing his last three! I think homemade ones are so much more interesting and personal!

Unknown said...

LOVE the butterflies. I was thinking of doing something similar myself. It's great to see it in action in a "real" house and not just a magazine. Thanks for posting!

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