Sunday, January 13, 2008

Project Photos

Above, is my picture from Day 3 of Project 365. My friend and her family are looking for a church to attend and visited ours today. That's one of her sons sitting on his daddy's lap in the background there.

Yesterday I took a walk and snapped this shot of a tree that blooms every January. It has a haunted look to it, as its branches are bare, save for these blossoms and the Spanish moss that drapes from the branches. This is the shot I submitted to the project, but the others are additional shots I took.

Finally, the leaves I sketched on Friday were painted in on Friday night. They're pretty simplistic, but provide for me a good memory of our day.


Kelli said...

It *does* look haunted, but very beautiful too. What kind of tree is it? How neat that it blooms in January!

Creative Life Studio said...

I wish I knew, Kelli. Perhaps a Google search will help me here and I can report back later! :)

Creative Life Studio said...

For anyone interested, the most common name appears to be a Pink Trumpet.

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