Thursday, January 24, 2008

Notes on a Thursday

A bit of sunshine on a gray day

Wow; can it be Thursday already?

This year, I am loving Thursdays. We usually have nothing scheduled on this day and we get lots of good school work and snuggly, reading time done on the couch. The weather has lent its hand perfectly in matching my "dressed-in-sweats-no-makeup-hair-in-a-ponytail" mood. It's been gray all day and I'm actually okay with that.

I got a good walk in this morning and enjoyed walking through morning fog. I have been wanting more regular exercise and am trying to schedule it in more and more. I don't know how well it is working - especially this week - but I am trying and it is in my mind to do so.

I looked into joining the YMCA here, because I thought it would be fun if I could have my family with me. Maybe we could all head down once-a-week together or something. Maybe the girls could play in the pool while I swam laps. We all bike and walk together, but not always, and exercising alone is not always the most inspiring for me. Sure, I have my iPod, but there's something to that human companionship thing that gets me every time.

But, um, the Y is $900 a year for a family. Does that seem a bit steep to you? Maybe I've been out of the whole health club scene for too long and I'm naive about prices, but let's just say that walking alone in the morning doesn't look too shabby now that I think about it.

On Monday we visited some friends who live on part of what used to be an orange grove. They've got 6 acres and live on less than one of it, so there are still plenty of orange trees out there. Since our tree is behind schedule this year, we took her up on her offer of picking yummy tangelos and I juiced a bunch yesterday.

It's that citrusey time of year! We finished a bunch of tangerines from Miss Helen down the street and Even and I split a huge grapefruit this morning. It's nice to have some success with some harvest!

I pulled out the remaining tomato plants this past weekend. That hard freeze really did them in. I put down some manure and tried yet another planting of carrots and lettuce. *sigh* It's been so dry and our schedule has been such that I haven't been diligent in keeping the ground we until the seedlings come up. But the rain has helped out nicely this week and I'm trying to remain consistent with the watering. I'm hopeful for this next batch of seeds.

A package arrived in the mail today: 462 photos from Snapfish. Heh, heh. It's a wee bit heavy.
I finally ordered prints from way back in May. I have a bit of photo album work ahead of me, so I think I'll sign of for today!


Marianna said...

We are members of the Y here in Indy and it is $71 a month for a family membership...the facility here offers a program where rates are based on a sliding scale. You should ask if your Y offers such a program. They don't advertise it here so you need to know about it! What I love about the Y is that we have access to all sorts of activities in addition to just the fitness/pool part of it.

Kez said...

That's what I love about homeschooling - lots of snuggly couch time!

Tara said...

Thursday is our delicious day at home also. I teach a couple of hours a day M-W out of my upstairs studio so more often than not, Thursday is jammie day all day long since none of my students are traipsing through my living room that day.

You're right- $900 is crazy. I figure that I have no business joining a gym until my dog answers "No thanks" when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk. :-)

Enjoying your blog!

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