Friday, January 11, 2008

New Projects, Clean Spaces

What a hectic week it's been! Do you ever start to get cranky when you can't get to "your" things? "My" things are my knitting, drawing, and journaling. When things get too hectic and I can't get to them like I'd planned and hoped to do, I find my patience wearing quite thin. Today has been much, much better, though, with nowhere to go. Oh, thank heaven! In fact, we canceled something in order to do just that, because I needed it so badly.

So, today... better. I even got to sit down and sketch while the girls worked on their notebooks for botany. They glued down and classified leaves according to shape, venation (the way the veins appear in the leaf), and margin (the outer edge of the leaf - smooth? serrated? etc.). While they glued I sketched the leaves with watercolor pencils into my watercolor moleskine and will "paint" them with with the water tonight. It was so peaceful sitting there with them. The windows were open, the grackles and red-winged blackbirds had a constant chatter going, and we listened to classical music on the radio. As we turned on the music, I noted that it sounded "sneaky." Eve said, "That's the thing about classical music. It tells a story." So nice. :)

I felt all of the tension of this past week easing out of my neck and shoulders onto the paper. As I colored in my leaves I remembered how much I loved coloring books as a child - a trait neither of my children shares with me. Filling in with color is something that carries over into my crafting too: cross stitch and embroidery are like this.

Not that I need one more thing to do, but I decided to join the Flickr group, Project 365. One photo a day for a year. I'm sure it will prove to be an interesting journey and I'm really hoping I won't miss a day. As it grows, perhaps I will create a link to my set here for anyone who is interested. It's so scary making a commitment like this. I'm gentle with myself with my resolutions, but I really want to push to try to do one picture. It's not one piece of hand-made art a day. I should be able to point and shoot once a day... right?

My first photo is there at the top. It's called, "Lucy Dog - Woof!" That's what my husband likes to say to her every so often. :)

Non-digital work takes place at my newly revamped "command central." My desk that took 4 hours to clean on new year's day was worth it!

I still needed a drawer for everything that wasn't categorized. Camera case, cords, and candy from my stocking are here in the top, left drawer.

My written journal and supplies are in here. My current magazines and a couple of catalogs are in here too. As I read, I snip and clip favorite/inspiring photos ~ whatever catches my eye. I'll spend time just cutting and taping in some pages for filling in with writing later. I find this activity wonderfully relaxing. :)

My art journals are in here along with a bowl for gesso or glue and a rag for wiping my brushes.

Note cards and stamps are here, along with a couple of current letters that need a response. Below, in the files, I also have folder with stationary that won't fit in here and images and stickers.

"Stolen" from my younger daughter. This came with some foam stamps and paints and was a gift to her for her 3rd birthday. She's long since outgrown those supplies and I confiscated the box!

I love these side boxes for pencils, charcoal, and smudge sticks.

That's it from me today. The family is waiting for me so we can go on our evening walk. Have a great night everyone!


AmyC said...

Doesn't it feel good to be organized? I have spent most of the new year doing the same thing.

Kathryn & John said...

The closet at the top of the post is very inspiring to me. Thank you.

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