Friday, January 4, 2008

Looking Ahead

As I've mentioned in other posts, I am a person for resolutions. I know that resolutions get a bad rap sometimes, but I think of resolutions more like goals rather than, say... vows! Goals, or resolutions - it doesn't really matter to me, but I have found that it has really taken me a few days to get my mind settled on things that I'd like to do in this new year.

Getting the goals into categories is easier for me to think about and less overwhelming.

Spiritual: This year, I want to go back to a resolution of two years ago, which I let slide more this past year and that is to observe the Sabbath. I don't plant to be legalistic about it. I just need to make myself take time to rest and do nothing. I don't do that well at all. Paul even asked me when we were eating dinner a few days after Christmas, "Did you do anything fun today?" He waited. No response from me, because I was thinking hard. "Did you do anything fun today - on your vacation - or did you just do chores today?"

Hmmm. "I guess I just did chores. I looked up some things on the internet pertaining to school... That was interesting. And I blogged. That was kind of fun."

His point was well taken. Of course, this means I need to be prepared for Sundays with a soup in the crockpot or easy things the kids can do for themselves. But that's okay. It is worth it to take a day of rest.

I also want to be more active in some sort of giving this year. As I mentioned a few posts back, I plan to start by doing some knitting for Project Linus. I am not making definite plans beyond this, other than to continue to pray about this and listen for God's guidance.

I also plan to pray regularly for the members of my small church body. Our pastor's wife made little boxes for all of us this Christmas that contains the names, addresses, anniversaries, birthdays, and prayer requests of all of the members in our church. It also has cards for our civic leaders, police officers, national leaders, military, etc. I plan to add family members and friends to this box as well. The girls and I are using this box in the mornings before we begin our studies for the day. Our hope is for our church - the body of believers - to become a house of prayer.

Homekeeping: Stay on top of my planning. "Plan the work and work the plan," right? A major goal of this would be to eliminate my library fines!! I am trying to stay on top of this by entering in reminders at my Yahoo! calendar that will be e-mailed to me. Choosing a date and time for planning, weekly, and having that on the calendar too, helps. Thursday evenings are for this work.

I hope to use the reminders to help me do a better job of sending out birthday cards and letters. I noticed that Dawn has this similar goal of improving her correspondence. Today, I will be stopping at the Goodwill bookstore and picking up some cards to have on hand (they always have a nice selection that has been donated) to send out and if not send a birthday greeting, then just a note of encouragement. Who doesn't love to receive personal mail?

Creative: I have cleared my desk and have made it into a more workable space (I'll be posting more details about this soon) for all of my creative work: drawing, painting, journaling, letter writing , and knitting. I want to be working in my sketchbook with more regularity. I've planned Tuesday afternoons for this.

I'll continue to learn more and try new projects with my knitting. Last year was so great for that! I had a ball and it is so rewarding to develop new skill and knowledge with a craft. Along those lines, I would like to learn to read (decipher!) crochet patterns this year too. I know the basics (very basics) of crochet, but I'd like to learn more.

Green: I have a whole post coming about this one - are you surprised? :) I spent some time thinking about our "green achievements" over the last year and brainstorming about what I'd like to do in 2008. So far I have: more biking, learn to make cheese (!), knit recycled cotton sweaters into dishcloths, continue to explore recipes to make more homemade staples such as mayonnaise, yogurt, and salsa to reduce packaging, purchase an avocado tree, and continue to make an effort to purchase as much food as possible - especially herbs and spices! - in recycled containers in bulk.

Well, I'm hoping this is a workable list and not something overly ambitious. If I don't do everything here, I'm okay with that. I'm also okay with veering off course and righting myself once more without just throwing in the towel. So, we'll see. I think I'll print this and post it on my fridge or something so I can see it regularly.

I've been enjoying reading so many goals for this year on others' sights. May God bless us all in our honest endeavors as we work for a very satisfying new year! :)


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Anonymous said...

Hey you,
Read the blog--good info on resolutions. Also read the comment above-is she Portuguese? I understood some!

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