Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun, Whirlwind Weekend!

The Scrambler. The Spider. The Scorpion.

That's right, we've been to the county fair! Actually, we've had a whirlwind of a weekend, it seems, but today... today was the fair.

We made out pretty well. Maia got a 3rd place ribbon for her corn muffins. We decided that next year we'd have her do something sweeter in a category that seems to be dominated by sweet treats. I received 2 red ribbons - one for my Little Guy and one for my potato salad - and Eve was the champ this year, bringing home a red rosette ribbon for her cross stitch and a blue rosette ribbon for her fruit dip. Her rosettes earned her a total of $18.00! Was she ever surprised! I can tell you, my girls will be crafting up new ideas for next year's fair after they've seen how lucrative it can be! :)

I know it's cold up north when we are feeling chilly here. The air was cool and crisp today as the wind continued to push down from the north. It made for quite a different fair day than the hot and sticky one of two years ago. Still, we managed to created enough sticky with our cotton candy and funnel cakes.

On Friday we had a busy intro to our weekend with a homeschool field trip out to a local nature center. Later that afternoon we headed out to the girls' first concert; we went up to Tampa for Winter Jam 2008! And a very loud time was had by all! :)

I continue with Project 365. I am on day 10 today. It's interesting trying to frame photos for the project. It seems easier when there is an event to record. Yesterday I'd planned to do nothing as I recovered from the day before. It was nice and restful, but then I was left with "nothing" to photograph. Obviously, there's always something to photograph, but I can see how this project is going to push me some days.

Day 9 - "We Three Friends"

Another series I am working on at the moment is in my sketchbook. I'm calling this my Everyday Life series. I'm working from photographs (I really do have plenty!) and just painting things in our everyday lives right now. This is the first one:

It's taken from a photograph of the girls making Halloween cookies in 2006. They were baking with their dolls. Here, Maia is holding her American Girl doll, Kirsten. Kirsten is wearing a chef's hat - which I painted purple. Our counters aren't really purple ether, but I'm using my creative license!
I'm hoping to create some larger pieces this year too. I'd like to do a picture of our home and then begin to dabble in some other larger pieces throughout the year.

Thanks again for stopping by and having a look. I hope you've all had as fun a weekend as we have!


Speaking from the Heart said...

It sounds like you all had a blast.

Keep warm. see you on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Hi hon,
Yeah! All of you won something! So Little Guy just got red? Is that good? Tell Maia and Eve I am really proud of them!

Penny said...

What a lovely painting! I love the idea of painting your normal life...what great memories. Have a wonderful day, Penny

Marianna said...

Your painting of the girls baking is wonderful.

Congrats on the fair ribbons! What fun. I must admit I laughed at the thought of the county fair right now...our high yesterday was only 13!


Jessica C said...

Lovely fair photos and I am so impressed by the fair ribbons :))))
Also, your "everyday life" series is looking awesome... LOVE the kitchen drawing... awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, is that first pic BRIGHT! Very technicolor. I also love the pics of the sky - those clouds are really lovely.

Oh, how I envy your ability to draw and sew and create. I have no time for it. I know, I know, it will come (right?) but right now I am feeling a little lacking in the creative department. I think part of it is the winter. Before I begin to ramble, I will sign off (though you may see this topic on my blog in the next day or so!)

PS - love the painting, too!

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