Thursday, December 6, 2007

Presents, 7 Random Things, and Snowflakes in Florida

In the past few years, Daddy has become the "Master Wrapper" at our house. Last night, while the ladies and I were having Bible study in the living room, Paul was holed up in the bedroom creating this year's masterpieces! He brought them all out when our company had gone home and firstly tortured the girls with the fact that he had not put any tags on them. But after much cajoling he relented and the shaking and listening to the packages began!

Speaking of packages, I am going to need to be heading to the post office soon!! The Hufflepuff scarf is now completed with its tassels and everything, so the packaging of my own gifts must begin.

I promised a 7 Random Things meme yesterday and so here goes:

1)I don't like my children to sing Christmas songs (around me) during any time of the year - except after Thanksgiving through January. :) Does that sound mean? Oh, but I just love Christmas carols and the whole anticipation of them and I really don't like to hear them in June. I do ask nicely, if they just have to sing it, "Please take your song elsewhere." They usually don't even realize they had been singing "Jingle Bells" or the like and just switch songs. They know how I am. LOL!

2) My favorite animal is a lamb.

3) I am left-handed.

4) I think I may have shared this in another random things post a long time ago, but my nose is pierced.

5) I prefer savory over sweet; give me a pot pie over cheesecake any day.

6) I am Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, English, French, Scottish and Swiss. The most I have is 12.5% Norwegian and I look nothing like that.

7) My favorite Christmas movie is "A Christmas Story." I watch it every year!

I made these snowflakes two years ago and just keep them every year in a file with my Winter activities: ideas, magazine articles, etc. These are very easy to make and look pretty anywhere...

...even in bathrooms! The girls love to walk into their "winter wonderland" in the mornings in their bathroom.

I'm thinking of making a few more this year and adding some glitter-glue for extra sparkle.

Here is the link where you can find the patterns to make for yourself. There are even patterns there that children can cut out too! This will be the only snow we'll see this year and I'm pretty okay with that. :) Enjoy!


Kelli said...

The presents, look wonderful! Phillip says I'm the worst gift wrapper ever and I have to agree. LOL I'm the same way with Christmas music, it seems so much more special if you listen to it after Thanksgiving. The snowflakes are very pretty! I have some hanging plastic ones in my foyer.


Penny said...

What lovely snowflakes! Thanks for sharing the link so we can make some too! Grace and peace to you, Penny

Lisa said...

Wow! I've never seen wrapping like that. It's awesome! Lucky girls you have with parents like you. :)

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