Friday, December 14, 2007

A Little Elbow Room Please :)

A Christmasey Pot Pie!

Had a restful and peaceful day yesterday. I was going to say that we didn't leave the house at all, but we did end up riding our bikes down to the market for frozen pizza for dinner and the larger necessity - ahem - toilet paper.

I wondered to myself yesterday if it would ever be possible to try staying at home a certain number of days in a row. I think I've mused about this before. I bet it would even be a challenge to stay home 3 days. First, I think the challenge would be in just arranging things so that you wouldn't have to leave. Then the challenge for many would be the urge to get up and go somewhere. Maybe you could have it be that you could leave, but only by foot or bike or other human-powered transportation.

Time for Cookies!

So, one would be to just stay home. And another challenge would be to go only by human power. I think the latter would have to be a longer challenge, say, at least a week to the 3 days at home. I know No Impact Man has been living all year traveling only via human power. Of course, his circumstances, living in NYC, are different than mine. But it's an interesting thought.

This is the time of year, of course, that I get the goal-setting and organizing bug. I know it happens to many of you too, albeit, perhaps a little bit closer to January. I think it hits me a bit earlier, because 1) I'm a planner and organizer by nature and 2) I don't do well with clutter and clutter seems to be a bit what the present season gets to be about. Taking a positive slant, I am feeling, shall we say, abundant, lately.

I love to decorate - for Christmas and all the rest of the year - but the stuff... the stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff - that is all about everywhere... Well, it reminds me how much we are one of the wealthiest places on the planet. I think, perhaps next year, I won't get another ornament for the tree or more decorations. I do feel quite fully decorated this year already (and I will be inviting you all over for a Christmasey tour on Monday!).

So, before I get accused of being Scrooge (because I'm not, I'm really not! I love, love, love, Christmas! Maybe I'm more a bit like Charlie Brown this year and am just shying away from the commercialism of it all... ), I will move on the the organizing bug I've got.

Last night I began making a list of projects I'd like to do in the new year. A lot of those projects started with the prefix 're,' such as: repaint the picnic table, refinish the iron table and chairs I found last spring, re-cover the chair seat covers in the dining room, etc. I can't get to all of that presently, but I will be pulling out my calendar and putting these ideas down on dates, because I am learning that if it's not planned for, it likely won't get done!

In the meantime, I at least got to cleaning out and organizing my computer files this morning, making new folders and sliding the proper pdf's and documents into each. Just a little thing, but I love that familiar, "ahhh" when I looked at my newly cleaned-up desktop! Just a precursor of things to come!

Hope you're all getting opportunities to be quiet and thoughtful this season and finding time to remember and think about and thank Christ for coming in the first place. Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to stop in an say hello on Monday!

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Marianna said...


I am actually one of those people who can stay home for three or four days in a row. I think the longest I've gone was 4 days. At this time of year I especially just want to be tucked in at home.

I, too, am feeling overwhelmed by the Christmas stuff! There are little piles everywhere it seems. Things to be wrapped, a pile to be mailed, cards to be signed and addressed, cookie making supplies...and I made the mistake of putting the Christmas tree in a too small place and it is closing in on me!


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