Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Links, Links, Links

So, I sent off the last of the packages today, we had the co-op Christmas party yesterday, and the homeschool P.E. group kids played kickball against the parents and coaches. Now that those things are out of the way I feel like my own Christmas vacation really begins.

My vacation will include some knitting for myself - perhaps these socks from the latest Knitty - and some peaceful planning time for the second half of the school year.

I feel like I've been a little out of the loop with the homeschooling blog community. I've only recently found the Homeschool Blog Awards page and it's a fabulous resource! I've also been having a grand time checking out all the great 2007 Award nominees' sites as well as the alumni from past years. Oh, there is much to see out there.

New to me is Jamin's blog. She's got great inspirational content with many, many links to cool - and often free - resources.

Jacque hosts the Homeschool Blog Awards Site. I dont' know how she hosts that and her own AND homeschools eight children, but she does. Amazing. Simply amazing.

I get tired even looking at some of the links that are out there! I am thankful, though, for all of the available, helpful resources. These women must have energy I simply do not or are just focused in a different way. I manage to get done what I get done and there is room for no more! I am just blessed to have found these other sites and am thankful that God has blessed us all differently with unique talents. Keeping their fingers on the pulse of the homeschooling community must be theirs!

Good grief! This short post has taken forever just because I keep clicking on more and more great sites at these places. Check them out for yourself and receive some inspiration for the new year!

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