Monday, November 5, 2007

The Little Things

The weather has been just plain too-great to want to sit down and post! This morning, Maia said, "It's finally seeming like Autumn lately!" and it's true. Overnight Thursday of last week, the temperature dropped 10 degrees and stayed there. It's been just lovely.

Something else that has helped has been the time change from Daylight Saving to Standard time. It's so funny, but only just this morning did I realize that this very thing is what was "wrong" with Halloween this year. The girls went out with Daddy, Grandma Jeanette, and Jerry this year while I had the honors of "Candy Hander-Outer." We usually head out around 7:00 p.m., but this year, as 7:00 crept closer and closer, the sun didn't seem to have any inkling of deciding to set anytime soon. The girls were growing more and more fidgety. "Can we go NOW?" they kept asking. "It's not even dark yet," I replied. Somehow, it didn't even dawn on me until now, just why it seemed strangely light.

But now things finally seem to be set aright. The weather is cooler and the light has mellowed. How strange it is that these things really seem to settle themselves in our bodies; it's not just what the calendar is telling us. It really is "the little things."

Knitting continues as we head into the holidays... the holidays that once again, seem strangely sudden! And so the knitting, too, has kept me from the blog (just as the blog, at the moment, is keeping me from teaching school...).

What are your plans this year for Thanksgiving? The last two years we have traveled up to my uncle and aunt's ranch in Georgia on the day after Thanksgiving. They throw a big party/cookout every year in the airplane hangar they have on their property; my uncle flies a small plane. We have a hay ride, a bonfire, hot chocolate, toast marshmallows and sing karaoke songs. It's a great kickoff toward Christmas with lots of family and friends.

My mom and Jerry will host Thanksgiving Day at their house this year, so the pressure is off for me. I just need to bring the Wheatberry Salad I made last year, along with the Cream of Mushroom and Wild Rice soup that I make every year. The soup is SUPER rich, with whippping cream and half-and-half which is why I only make it once a year. But I've started reading this book and I'm thinking it might not be so bad after all (I'm still veg., though! :) )

So, I don't have too much to do for the actual holiday myself, but we are reading these books to set the savory stage:

The earth is turning. The changing light, the cooler air, cuddling on the couch for stories, the presence of "cozy." :) The little things.


Marianna said...

I was so happy yesterday when the sun started setting about 5:30! Like you I finally felt fall settling in. Of course tomorrow with a projected high of only 43 and snow flurries predicted!! it will feel more like winter.


Kelli said...

We are supposed to get cooler weather starting tomorrow and I can't wait! I hear the wind blowing outside right now. :0) Your Thanksgiving plans sound fun. Phillip brother and sister are flying in from California and we will have dinner at my in-laws house. They live 20 minutes from us. I'm planning on making a Thanksgiving dinner because I love the leftovers!
I just picked up An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving at the library this weekend!


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