Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Our Lunaversary!

Hello All! It's our Lunaversary today! Grandma Sharon is coming to pick up the girls for the weekend after lunch and Paul and I will be heading off to St. Augustine! This will be our first weekend away together in 7 years, I think!! St. Augustine is a very romantic, historic (the oldest city in the U.S.!) city and I have been looking forward to visiting it with him since I had a brief visit their with a friend of mine two years ago.

Can you see what was in my bird feeder yesterday?


I had seen this little guy setting up shop in our compost bin last week. I couldn't figure out what he would want in it, unless it was eating the bugs that are in the bin. We have never put dairy or, being that we are vegetarian, meat in the bin.

I kept thinking that I shouldn't be bothered. It was outside after all. But when I went to take food out to the feeder yesterday morning, I thank God that I saw the long, long tail on the opposite side of the feeder before I picked it up as I usually do to fill it. I can tell you now that I simply would have FREAKED OUT!

So, that was the last straw. I know it was outside and the girls were trying to convince me (from the safe vantage point of the kitchen window) that it was just as cute as a squirrel. In my mind, I know they are both rodents. But squirrels run and this rat was quite comfy in our compost bin and on the feeder, not moving nor fretting when there were people around. So my concern was approaching it and disturbing it somehow as we a) try to put food in the feeder or b) dump scraps into the compost and it taking a chomp out of someone's hand or foot or whatever.

We have a live trap that we have used to relocate critters before. Paul set it by the compost bin with a bit of peanut butter and the little guy had to say adieu to the easy life. He took it to the edge of a large wooded area and let it go there. Whew!

Well, I've got errands to run before we go. The girls have a date to go with Grandma to meet some of their friends tonight to get some early Halloween treats down at the shops on Main St. of the planned community nearby. The whole planned community thing is so weird to me, but I've ranted enough about that before. Here are the girls practicing their flight plan over to Grandma's later! :) Have a good weekend, everyone!


hsing3kinder said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!
I think the girls' costumes look great. I love the last picture of them "taking flight".
Oh and that rat...don't even get me started. Gross!!!

Kez said...

Happy Lunaversary!

Love the girl's costumes!!

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