Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hanging On for the Ride

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Wow! Here it is Wednesday already. I feel a bit like I am hurtling through my days. I am hoping that... next week??... will slow down a bit for me.

The Lunaversary celebration wasn't a bust... it just wasn't as fantastic as we might have hoped. Pouring rain on Saturday didn't help matters for sightseeing and our dinner reservations fell through because after driving around downtown for an hour looking for a parking spot, we had to throw in the towel and eat at a small cafe that we found on the outskirts of town. The food was terrific and so that really helped, but Paul's mood was dampened (almost running into that car on the skinny, oldest-city streets didn't help) and made the fun, romantic evening a little less so. It didn't help that our dinner reservations would have had us eating front and center with a live Latin band playing. We both love Latin music and food, so I'm imagining that the veggie burger he had for dinner instead - as tasty as it may have been - just didn't cut it.

So, live and learn.

Learn that even with the steep prices, it would have been worth it to get the hotel room in town, rather than out, because then we could have waited out the rain and also could have just walked to dinner.

Learn that since we don't really enjoy shopping and buying mass-produced trinkets for souvenirs, many places to shop doesn't mean a lot to us when looking for a place to visit.

Learn that the average height of European man in the 16th century was 4 feet, 8 inches, hence the low doors and windows in the old, old homes.

Learn that while I appreciate the quality of antiques and long for much of the lost decorum of yesteryear, after seeing the "medicines" in the Oldest Drug Store (meds made mostly of alcohol, opium, and cocaine) and the implements used in dentistry and surgery at the infirmary at the fort - the Castillo de San Marco - I am thankful to be living in this day and age.

It was such a whirlwind weekend that I kept thinking to myself after we got back Sunday afternoon, "We now return you to your regularly scheduled program." Upon arriving home, I was too soon - immediately - back in the midst of things, starting with grocery shopping Sunday evening.

And now Halloween is here. So fast. Too fast! The girls came running in when Paul got home and squealed, "Daddy's going to carve our pumpkins!" And I thought, "Tonight? They'll rot..."until, of course, I realized that tomorrow was, indeed, the big day.

So, leftovers tonight for dinner and too much candy for dessert. Tomorrow is November first. The holidays are landing upon us! Maybe, even though I want "peaceful," I should just not even think that "peaceful" is an option. Maybe instead, I should prepare and just be ready to hang on for the ride.


Kez said...

Sorry to hear your lunaversary was disappointing :(

Happy Halloween!

Jessica C said...

My husband and I were married at the Casa Monica in St. Augustine... we LOVE it there :)))) Sorry that you didn't have as much fun as you had hoped-- however, I think that we are put in certain situations for many many many reasons -- and there was a reason that you all didn't make it to dinner at that certain place that night. ...and I'm right there with you-- with tomorrow being November 1, we are in full swing with holiday-ness around here... :)

Marianna said...

So sorry to hear that your weekend didn't go as planned. That is always extremely frustrating. Hope you had a good Halloween.

Kez said...

Me again :)

I just tagged you for a Meme - details on my blog -

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