Monday, September 24, 2007

Something Different

So, my blog funk extended into my overall mood, I think. I was definitely needing some changes. You know you are needing change when you get excited - really excited - about shopping at a different grocery store.

So, yeah. I went to a new grocery store this weekend and, good grief, if it didn't make me happy! It's so silly, but it did. I was so sick to tears of the one closer to us. Sick to tears of knowing exactly what they had and what they didn't (and that it meant I'd have to go to even more stores to pick up other things) and sick of the blah environment there. So, I went to a different store and was pleasantly surprised at the number of organics they are now carrying since I'd been there last.

It was weird, because I really wanted to go too. For some reason, it felt comforting to be in that store. The only thing I can relate this weirdness to is that I do know I shopped there - two years ago I think - right before Thanksgiving. The aisles were packed with folks all looking for the same things I was looking for: cranberries, potatoes, evaporated milk, spices. Somehow it made me happy to be in that store with all of them on that day. I don't think I could explain it then and I don't think I can now. But I'm thinking that is one of the reasons I just felt I needed to go to this particular store on this particular day.

Maybe it's because that feeling - that holiday, family, everything-is-right-with-the-world-right-now feeling is what I was longing to feel when I know that so much is just not. Maybe it was a "grocery store escape."

I'm sure escape has a bit to do with it. Not from my life. Currently, thank God, our family is enjoying some calmer waters. We've come through some rough ones in the last 3 years, so this last, relatively peaceful year is one for which I am repeatedly thankful!

No, the escape factor has more to do with the continuing war, the continuing reports of the effects of global warming and the continual waste I see every day. I won't mull all that over here... and I do think folks are waking up and making changes. I find that I have a tendency to push myself to make changes and choices and then am hard on myself when I don't stick with everything all. the. time.

So, I guess I'm just trying to lighten up a bit. Yeah, at the grocery store! LOL! :)

Actually, it's not that unusual for me, because I know food is political and my food choices are important. Grocery shopping, for me, in fact, often feels like an silent battle. It can get depressing. "We really shouldn't buy those conventionally grown strawberries, because they are one of most highly sprayed pesticide crops. But the organic ones are at the other store - 13 miles away - so that's gas being used. Plus, those organic ones are from California; these conventional ones here are from Florida - they're local! Oh, but why do they have to package them in plastic?" and on and on and on. Monkey mind.

So this weekend I just gave my brain a break. I bought some new foods - some different things we hadn't tried before: some snacks that were trans-fat free - packaging be damned. I guess I just can't win on everything. Actually, I was surprised at the number of trans-fat free products now available in addition to the organics. I was even able to find organic cheese - with microbial enzymes as opposed to rennet - all in the one store! Such a nice break. You know, there are people who are high-maintenance with their looks. Our family is pretty high-maintenance with our food and I guess I've just been getting a bit worn out tracking down different places for all the things we need.

So, yes, lightening up a bit and discovering the source of my grocery store happiness.

After grocery shopping and dropping the girls off at a birthday party, I went shopping and bought the first new clothes for myself in 9 months. I'd made the "buy only used things" for myself resolution in January and I broke it on Saturday. I'm pretty happy about that too - especially since everything was one sale. :) I think I'm just trying to cut myself a little slack and remind myself that the state of the world does not rest on my shoulders alone. :) Certainly, I'm not going to become Uber-Consumer, but a few new clearance items from Old Navy will not kill me... even if they are made in China. *sigh* See? It never shuts up!

This weekend we welcomed Autumn, my favorite season and it's a feeling I'm sure I share with many. We had our Autumn Equinox sketch crawl with the Creative Mom Podcast yahoo! group this weekend too and these are the photos I share with you at the beginning of the post and here.

So, I hope I've crawled out of my funk! It feels like I have. Nothing a little art and blogging couldn't set right again anyway. And hey, another Big Boo Cast is out. I'm off to listen and make some supper! Thanks for stopping by and for reading this far if you made it through all of this! :)


Marianna said...

O.k. now I KNOW that we are related! I absolutely love going to a different grocery store! And my mind does the same little song and dance yours does over whether or not to buy!!!

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better...


Andrea said...

Mrs. P

I had to laugh at this post, I'm the same way, but I try not to let myself get too...righteous?legalistic? Sucks the joy right out.

So, yes, I think it's *perfectly fine* to shop at a different grocey store, even buy a non-organic banana! *gasp* and clothes made in China!
I'm sure you are doing your part and above, so give yourself some *grace*. It's not all in *your hands*, it's in His, as I think you've figured out. :)
I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. :)

Marcie said...

Mrs. P., It was lovely to read one of your conversational posts this morning. I feel like I had a chat with a friend over a cup of tea. I love grocery shopping, though I'm not much of a shopper in general. No-one is ever mad about me spending money on food (as dh might be if I went overboard on clothes or "fun stuff" for the house.) Everyone in the house is happy about full cupboards!

Laurie said...

Every single choice I make is just like your thinking. Even if I truly am crazy, it's nice to have company. ;) So thanks for posting.

Enjoy your new store (and send one my way!!)!

Aimee said...

ahhh the obsessions of daily living! I think I've told you before that I too get bogged down in the moral/environmental/health details and it sure can suck the joy and life out of things sometimes!
Enjoy going lightly emotionally!! :)

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