Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wowie! Another Award!

This must be a good blogging week for me. :) Rhonda Jean has sent an award my way:

Now, I must admit, when I first saw the award, I was a bit confused. "The power of Schmooze"?! I can't say that I've always thought of that word in a positive light... but Rhonda Jean seems so nice, and if she got the award, I'd better do some more investigating!!

I found my answer here. And now I am a proud recipient. :)

I suppose if schmoozing is linked with conversation and relationships online, then I'm all for that! And I'm happy to pass it along too!

I knew exactly to whom my first award would go and that is to Kelli at "There is No Place Like Home." There is a reason that Kelli often has 48 comments or more on any given day. Not only is her blog a warm and friendly site, she is a dedicated commenter!! When my blog would register a big goose-egg for days on end in the early days, I'd always know who'd been by when it finally registered: "Comments: 1". Thank you, Kelli, for being the best "schmoozer" I know. :) Kelli has a big, warm heart that resonates throughout the pages of her prolific posts. She, like Reeve, lives with her blessed-to-have-her-for-a-wife-and-Mama family in Texas.

My second award I will give to Jessica at Ocean of Creativity. Jessica is a happily-married teacher and busy mom of her one and a half year old son. She likes to dabble in all sorts of creative projects including scrapbooking, drawing, ATC exchanges, podcasting (her podcast is called "Halfway There" and can be found at iTunes) and knitting. She not only converses via the comments section, but is often sending out sweet little cards an packages to people - including me! :) - in real life! Such a sweet gal.

Finally, Amy, at The Creative Mom Podcast, gets my final Schmoozer Award. Amy lives with her partner and two great little boys in San Francisco and produces an inspiring podcast every week for her growing crowd of listeners. Despite coming up with loads of stories, links, creative prompts, and ideas, my messages to her have never fallen into a vacuum. She is always quick to respond with a kind and helpful word.

I'm thankful to each of these ladies for becoming, to me, genuine friends via a virtual world. Enjoy your awards and pass them on! :)


Kelli said...

Aww...I'm blushing way over here in Texas and it isn't from the heat, Mrs. Pivec! :0) Thank you for your sweet words, wow! I am honored that you gave me this award!! I am so glad that we became friends through this blogging adventure. When I visit your blog I always come away with having learned something new! Thank you, again!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks, Nicole! I've never heard of the Schmooze award either - but thank you! Seems like I'm in good company! (And... your messages NEVER fall into a vacuum. I promise.)

Jessica C said...

Nicole... that is SO COOL! I am back at school so I haven't had a chance to check out bloglines yet, and I just did and saw this, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!! You are so cool to recognize me in this way! :)

YarnThing said...

Okay, don't have your email address so I am replying to your comment here. Hope that is okay.

Guess what dear husband purchased for me last night because I had such a hard day with the kids...that is right #7!!!!!!

Now, there is the dilemma of finishing the shawl for grandma before next Wednesday and getting the dang Pea Pod done and reading HP 7! Not to mention time!!!

Decisions, decisions!!!


Lis said...

Congratulations to you :)
And can I add yet another award to your list - the Nice matter award - details on my blog :)

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