Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More Rain, A Birthday, and Veggies

Like a moth to a flame, my children are drawn to the rain. Not the sprinkles, mind you, but as soon as it starts pouring, I can be sure to hear excited voices asking, "Mama, can we go outside?!"
No thunder or lightning means it's a "go." Notice the blur on the pond compared to the clearer pictures at the end of this post and then you, too, can "see" the rain.

Yesterday was Mr. Pivec's birthday. I got him an Orange Jasmine tree from the Florida Native Plant Society. Maia drew him a book (all about him winning a golf championship!) and Eve bought him a plant from same said society, to go in his butterfly garden.

Does the cake look impressive? :) Here is the recipe:

Ice Cream Cake

1 large container of whipped topping
2 boxes ice cream sandwiches
caramel topping

Starting with a thin layer of whipped topping on the bottom of the pan, layer sandwiches, caramel, and then more topping twice and end with the whipped topping.

Freeze. If frozen overnight, let thaw about ten minutes before cutting/serving.

Oh, my goodness, your super-sweet tooth ought to be satisfied!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you should know that this kind of dessert is not my usual style. If it were my cake, I would likely have made everything from scratch , using organic ice cream and real whipped cream, etc. But on birthdays around here, if it's a boxed cake you want, or a purchased cake, or an ice cream sandwich cake, then that's what you get!

Aaahhh. On to greener, healthier-looking pictures. :)

This weekend, Paul began working on the fencing to go around the garden. Yea!

Notice the clear water?

It is such a small little thing, but it will be a nice size for our family, plus, a few plants will likely find their way into our flower beds as well.

The seeds have arrived!! I order my seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. They are a wonderful company, working to protect heirloom varieties and have been helpful for me in knowing what just might grow here in this sub-tropical climate, so different from my northern, Minnesota home.

I have ordered:

2 varieties of kale
2 varieties of beets
3 varieties of tomatoes
2 types of lettuce
garlic , which will arrive in the fall for planting then

I am very excited and hopeful! I just picked up a new book from the library called, This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader by Joan Dye Gussow. I am reeeeeaaaallllly looking forward to reading this and being inspired! I'm trying to finish up my other books I've got out first, though.

More rain today. It doesn't make hanging out my clothes very easy, but it does make good weather for reading!


Katie said...

My kids have always played in the rain. We've even headed out to the playground in the rain (much less crowded!) and if you wear rain pants, the slides are lightning fast!!

Andrea said...

That book by Gussow was good. Mostly I liked reading her adventure about her new home and garden. Also, I liked that the town she lived in is about 20 min from me.
My girls love to play in the rain, too, but I am always scared to let them go on the tramp for fear of slipping.

Jessica C said...

AWESOME photos. Love the look of the cake. I'll have to try that. We've been getting tons of rain, too. :)

Laurie said...

Where did you order your garlic from? I started an herb garden this year and my basil took OFF. The others are barely hanging in there. But I'd love to grow some garlic. :)

And that cake.....oooooooooohhhh that looks good while I'm on a lower fat diet. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love it that everyone gets to play in the rain if they want - and have cake they want on birthdays! But... wow... I'd really love the SPACE for a trampoline like that. Now that looks like serious fun!!!

Rhonda Jean said...

Seeing your children pplaying in the rain reminded me that my boys loved doing that too. It's such an exhilarating thing to do.

Your garden is starting to take shape. We need a fence around our vegetables here to, otherwise not much survives the dogs and chooks.

Is that pond part of your property? It looks really lovely.

Happy birthday to Mr Pivec.

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