Monday, August 13, 2007

A Little Bit of Knitting and a Little Bit of Church

A short post today, I think. I have a bit of a headache and have been a bit stuffy today. Perhaps it is the slight dust allergy I have acting up. While I am not allergic to our cats, I do think that their habit of coming in our room and laying on our bed with their shedding cat bodies (which collect dust) probably doesn't help matters.

So, I have an easy-to-make Split-Pea soup bubbling on the stove, so I don't have to think too much about dinner. At 7:00 p.m. this evening I go to my knitting group. This will be just the 3rd time we have met together, but already the group is growing and is a lot of fun. I think we may soon outgrow our little corner at Starbucks!

Speaking of knitting, I have a few things that are currently in process. Some of the projects I'm working on now are going to be Christmas gifts, so I can't be showing everything.

The tank top is a sweater for Maia. I will be making one like it for Eve too, in colors she has chosen . The pattern is a Knitty pattern called Monica from the Spring 07 issue. Maia liked the colors in the original pattern, but Eve is going for her usual hot pink with an orange ruffle!

I actually finished the back of the tank this weekend and now just have to knit and add the ruffle, add the straps and seam it up. So, I guess I'm a bit more than halfway done with this one.

This next project is a Christmas gift, but I don't think its recipient frequents this blog, so I think it is safe enough to show. It is Ann Budd's free "Basketweave Scarf" pattern from Knitting Daily. It's knitting up quite quickly for me and the yarn is so soft!

I actually have more projects on - or getting ready to be on - my needles too. As, I said before, I can't talk about them all, but I am going to be knitting up two Harry Potter house scarves for my twin nephews and I'll share the progress with those as they come along. Otherwise, it's time to start being sneaky and secretive! :) Have any of you begun to work on Christmas projects?

As you may have surmised, I am not one to like to save things to the lsat minute. Not that I never have, but if I can steer clear of added stress, I'll do it!

And some good news for the girls and me this weekend. We may not be "church-free" Christians any longer. I don't want to be jumping ahead of myself, but we visited a church (the first we've been to since leaving our old church after Easter) and everyone liked it very much. The best part for me is that I really wasn't looking for or planning on visiting this church, but the whole thing just sort of "fell" into our laps. I like it when that happens. Oh yeah, and this church just happens to be pastored by our next-door neighbors.

There is more to this story, but I'll save it for a bit later. But we're feeling happy. Just really happy. :)


kate5kiwis said...

wow, funny.
cos i've been gearing myself up to chat to ya about the *church-free* bizzo.
long story over here too, lol X

Jessica Chapman said...

LOVE the basketweave scarf-- I've gotta make that one :)

Rhonda Jean said...

hello Mrs P, I've given you an award. The details are on my blog. : )

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