Wednesday, July 18, 2007

She Really IS Mine

If an expectant parent were to ask me what kind of supplies they would need for their new arrival, I would say, "Oh, a few blankets, diapers, onesies, booties, a place to sleep comfy-cozy, people to love him/her, books.... and, of course, craft supplies. :)

When my children arrived on the planet, I just assumed that craft supplies were vital to life, and so I have always had them. I mean, I had them even before they arrived, of course, but once they were on the scene, I would now have two little ones to do crafts with me!

And they have.

But for Maia, for the most part, art and crafts haven't been her "thing." Sure, she gets excited when I bring out all the Valentine supplies, or the brightly colored tempra paints, or begin making another batch of home-made play dough. And she is excited for a while as she begins whatever project we might be working on, but her interest wanes after an hour and it's often been hard to get her "back to the drawing board" if a project lies unfinished.

If the girls ever begin wandering around the house with that glazed look of boredom in their eyes, I'm always quick to suggest a craft project. "Go look in the craft closet, " I'll say (A whole craft closet!! What I would have given for a craft closet!!). "See what looks interesting to you in there." Or, "Why don't you finish that crosstitch you bought?" So often I am met with, "Nah." Especially by Maia.

In fact, recently, I even heard her utter the words, "I'm not really into crafts."

Ohmygosh. Did those words come out of my child's mouth?!

Thankfully, she is into drawing. But I still had to retreat to a quiet place in my room for a while and lick my wounds.

The girls had the neighbor girl over Sunday night for a sleep-over. K had a new Tamagatchi. A V4 Tamagatchi. My girls, heaven forbid, only have the V3's!

Now for those of you who don't know what a Tamagatchi is, it is a little hand-held virtual pet that grows from a baby to a teen, to an adult. In the meantime you can visit other any Tamagatchi's that your friends have (a very clever marketing ploy) by connecting them, play games with them, earn points for prizes, and then have new baby Tamagatchi's and start all over again.

Not my favorite toy. But then, I'm really not into electronic gaming, really, of any sort. So, we have time limits and all that as to how long these things can be played with. Anyway, after a night and day of hearing these things beeping all about the house, I was trying to think of something we hadn't done for a while that might interest everyone. And then I remembered polymer clay.
Somehow I had forgotten Maia's perpetual glee over the stuff. So we grabbed 6 packs of new colors yesterday, since the old colors had been completely used up. After lunch, Maia set to work making a poly clay feast (using a Klutz book I got at a garage sale a number of years ago called Clay Creations) for her little Calico Critters Lamb family that has moved into the doll house recently. She sat there for hours and didn't give up when the peas in the pod just seemed too tiny to make. She just kept giggling and squealing over how cute everything was. She was setting up the food in the house last night before bed and she said to me, "Tomorrow I'm making them dishes, Mama!"

*sigh* She really is mine, after all. :)

Meanwhile, in the kitchen for big people, Eve was making supper. Her menu for last night was:

Blueberry Pancakes

Yep, that's a 7-year-old's menu for you, but it was really great!

Notice Lucy down there hoping for something to drop? :)

Marianna tagged me for 8 Random Things:

1) My favorite season is Autumn
2) My husband and I were married in October under the first full moon. We celebrate our anniversary whenever that first full moon rolls around - our lunaversary. :) We may not always know the date, but we always have a full moon! Very romantic!
3) I have a Quaker Parrot named Pistachio that I've had for 8 1/2 years.
4) I have somewhat of a Dr. Doolittle effect on animals. No, they don't talk to me, but for the most part, they really seem to like me.
5)My favorite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, but...
6)An exceedingly rare treat for me to have is doughnuts from a bakery and I'm thinking of having those for my birthday this year instead of cake!
7) I often confuse 7's and 4's when I'm trying to remember a number, but
8) I put frequently-used, longer numbers to memory including my 16-digit credit card number for online orders, my 14-digit library card number plus 4-digit pass code, and my 11-digit phone card phone number plus the 12 digit code number plus the 10-digit phone number itself in order to make a grand total of a 33-digit long-distance phone call!

So, I will tag: Laurie (and check out the video of her baby finding her voice! Precious!!), FiddleMama, Kate, Kelli, and Reeve

Play along if you'd like! :)


Kelli said...

The mini food is so sweet! I love the hotdog with mustard. :0) This is something Emily would enjoy making, she usually leaves crafts for something else too! It was fun to read the random things about you, I love how you celebrate your romantic! We are reading Dr. Doolittle right now...last two chapters this afternoon!

skatey katie said...

hahaha, mrs p, you only want *EIGHT* random things about me???
*everything* about me is random, including my reluctance to play TAG... actually i hate all games of *chasey* lol, i get freaked out by someone saying *BOO*!!!!!!!

but of course i need to comment:
my boys got a new V4 tamagotchi a few months ago, S9 left his at the playground. well, actually he put it down while he climbed something, and when he went back to get it, it had already hopped into someone else's pocket. so sad.
J11 left his outside overnight... and it rained...
we have had V3s which have had a swim in the washing machine too.
not very waterproof.
M5's is STILL ALIVE (i've probably jinxed it by saying that now lol)

lol on your number-memorisation: i used to memorise phone numbers... but since i put them all on speed dial, my brain has turned to mush.
or maybe it was already mushy.
yes, probably that.
love X

Marianna said...

Thanks for taking my tag challenge! I laugh at your doughnuts for breakfast. My 8yo ds just had his birthday and his wish was for a doughnut cake!! Poor thing he only got one and a half (ds doesn't care for them all that much so she gave him her other half) chocolate covered for breakfast.

My favorite season is Autumn too. I honestly don't think I had a favorite season until we moved to Pennsylvania. Who could resist all the colors and the cool air??

Anonymous said...

I so love the food - but I'm so glad I came here and read the whole story that goes along with the images at Flickr! How wonderful. I love that photo of her at the stove, too, her back to the camera. There's something so great about it! And, hey, I keep a credit card number in my memory, too, but I have to job things like my zip code down if I know someone is probably going to ask me. Crazy.

Rhonda Jean said...

what a thoroughly delightful post. I'm sure the lamb family enjoyed their mini foods, with dishes. : )

Anonymous said...

your parenting is putting me to shame. well, I'm working on getting kids involved in dinner prep and they love clay too. I definately need to be providing more opportunities for them like this. So great to read your perspective -- so refreshing and inspiring. thanks.

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