Saturday, June 16, 2007


I. Am. Tired. I don't have a real reason to be so tired today, but I am. My girls were at a slumber party last night and went from there right to another birthday party, so it's not that I've been busy with them. And even though I slept until 9:00 a.m. this morning (exceptionally rare!!), I'm still tired. My friend reminded me of that whole "quality of sleep" thing - that the hours of sleep you get before midnight are much more restful to your body than those after. If that's the case, that would explain it. We stayed up late watching "The Queen" last night. It was a good movie, by the way, but I question the whole Academy award winning performance. To me, Helen Mirin did a whole lot of frowning and thinking. I suppose if that's what they like in Hollywood nowadays, I should count it as an improvement and leave it at that!

Off on a tangent there... ah, yes, so this is supposedly my summer vacation from school. But, really, ...there is rarely a break from it. I don't purchase a boxed curriculum, so this is always the time of year for me when my head begins to swim. I am not lacking in ideas. To the contrary, there are numerous, numerous things my head suggests and my challenge is always to whittle, whittle, whittle it down into a realistic plan that we can all acutally achieve this next year.

I try, of course, to keep the things that went well for us last year, and take away those things that didn't. And then I do silly things like just innocently walk into the nearby Goodwill bookstore and begin scanning the shelves. *sigh*

I picked up this large homeschooling 6th grade curriculum in a book for $2.99 (retail $29.99), the awesome, awesome nature journal book for $1.99 (retail $17.99) and the other two were each under $2.00 as well. Other than the devotional for Maia, the books are for, yes, more ideas. And there are so many wonderful ones in these.

This probably wasn't the task I should have decided to take on today. But I am the kind of person who doesn't like to wait to do things. Generally speaking, I'm not a very good procrastinator. Things bug me too much for that. They just hang over me and I loathe that feeling, so I always tend to be plugging away at one thing or another. Which means I've usually got a number of things going on at once.

Here are a couple of drawings I got done yesterday:

The one on the bottom is the one I drew while I was there and the one on the top was me, taking my creative lisence and having a little fun with it!

Eve and I had a special trip to Starbucks while Maia was a her acting camp yesterday. It is extremely rare for me to go there, because I finally figured out that it was the coffee - even the decaf that i was drinking - that gives me migranes. Now, my migranes aren't anything like what some people get, so it's tempting to still drink it; my love for coffee is so strong. So, it would be pretty torturous to go into any coffeehouse on any sort of regular basis. But it was a treat, so I went ahead and ordered just a small cup of decaf with hazelnut syrup and whipped cream. Aaahhh, bliss! I doubt the one cup will give me any trouble. I just couldn't go sit in there and draw and order a decaf tea, which, for some reason, doesn't give me any trouble. As much as I enjoy tea, it's just not coffee. And, my, what a lovely cup it was.

So, some questions: Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? If you drink both, do you have particular times of the day that you prefer one over the other?

If you homeschool, to you piece your curriculum together? Do you purchase one particular set? Do you - oh-my-gosh-I-could-never-do-this-but-admire-you-if-you-do - put together a unit studies curriculum? Are you more prone to want to read or do hands-on activities? Are you already prepared for next year??? Maybe you shouldn't answer that last one even if you are!! ;)

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends!


Kelly said...

I am a coffee drinker (more like coffee addict!)! I am not a homeschooler, but I interpret at school and I don't have to do any summer curriculum stuff. Just have to get with the teacher before class and see if I can get copies of what they will be reading or we working on. I must say that I am in awe of your art journalling and drawing! I get to do art with my student, but it's not that good....I love it though! I need to start an art journal...I have all the supplies, just need to DO IT!

Kelli said...

I'm a coffee *and* tea drinker. Now I don't drink coffee everyday and actually stopped completely back in March when I gave up all soda. About 2 weeks ago I made some, had two cups and got a huge migraine. So now I make it a couple mornings a week and just have one cup. So far so good. If I don't make coffee I like Bigelows "Vanilla Caramel" tea.

As far as curriculum goes, we order a grade level of Sonlight every year but I don't use every single thing. I like to add things that look fun to it.

Hope you feel less tired soon!


Andrea said...

Oh, I *have* to have my coffee in the mornings.....
2 cups max. Then no more all day.

Tea I like around 5 pm while making dinner or my Valerian tea before bed.

Homeschooling. I'm a mix and match type of gal. but I'm pretty loyal once I find something that works. I've always wanted to do a unit study, but never have.


Crunchy Chicken said...

I drink decaf cappuccino. I don't do caffeine as I get migraines from it. I wouldn't doubt that your "decaf" coffee from Starbucks has caffeine in it. I remember some story on one of the major networks that tested the levels of caffeine in their decaf drinks and it was still high.

Marcie said...

I am a coffee and tea drinker. I drink coffee in the morning with my hubby before he goes to work. After a cup or two, I switch to water and tea for most of the day. My every-once-in-a-while craving for something not good for me is for diet cola.

When we homeschooled I put together our own curriculum. I always started thinking about next year as we were wrapping up the current year. Then during the summer, I would "map it all out." Usually that would be in July, I think. We were a homeschooling family for 8 years, and it wasn't the same every year. The common thread would be that we were very literature oriented throughout our homeschooling years.

TaunaLen said...

I am a coffee lover, and I drink (hot, green) tea out of necessity - though I enjoy it as well. I am extremely stimulant sensitive, so I have to ration the coffee very strictly to a cup or two every three or four days. Otherwise I wake up screaming and endandering my husband's life. :-) I used to love curriculum planning in the summer months for the coming fall. We did a year of unit studies that I wrote myself - it was so much fun, but I couldn't do it every year. Now I'm down to a jr. and a sr. in high-school, with a college prep, unit study style curriculum (TRISMS.COM) and I still love the planning, but it's not the same. I wish I had one in grade school once in a while - oh the places we could go in our studies!


Unknown said...

Coffee drinker here...Starbucks mostly. My 21 year old daughter and I love to go and sip and chat a few times a week.

I am a planner but as the years go by it isn't so hard. I am teaching 8th grade for the fourth time this year so I am just tweaking what I have done in the past. I do have a new high schooler and he is using TOG along with my own art program....adding math and science and I am finished with him too!

I have done unit studies in the past and *loved* it but I find as they get older is a little more difficult to pull it off.

Harmony Art Mom

Jessica C said...

I'm a coffee girl all the way and HAVE to have it in the morning. I DO have tea on hand for guests and sometimes I'm in the mood. (If it's really late at night, I can't exactly brew coffee...) But I always like to have something hot to sip. And speaking of, that sounds like a good idea now. :)

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