Thursday, June 7, 2007

Low Impact Week Update

Well, everyone, how is Low Impact Week going for you? My week, generally, has been going well, but today has been somewhat of an "everything is going wrong" kind of day. Not big stuff, but stuff nonetheless. I am guessing you know what I'm talking about, because these days come up in my lifetime often enough to suppose they don't just happen to me.

So, for the first part of my day today, I thought it was Friday. I realized about mid-morning, when I took my vitamins from my handy-dandy, little vitamin container, that it is actually Thursday. Did that stop me from going to the farmer's market - the one that is only open on Fridays and Saturdays? No it did not.

I tried stopping at another one on the way to the health food store. That market only takes cash or local checks. I really need to start carrying some cash at least. My credit/debit card really isn't everywhere I want to be.

Then on to the health food store. This one is expensive and I only basically wanted some organic ice cream for Eve and some recycled toilet paper. But $4.75 for four tiny rolls of paper and $4.99 for a pint of ice cream was just too much. I grumbled on my way out, wishing that Maia wouldn't have issues with using family cloth and trying to figure out when I would next get to Whole Foods, whose prices look like a bargain compared to this store.

So, you know, I'm trying to buy locally and organically as much as possible and today felt like a total bust with - okay, at least they were organic - lettuce and bananas - but the bananas are from Costa Rica and then I think of all that gas I wasted because I thought it was Friday!

Oh, well, I'm not the only one who gets challenged with this lifestyle, but I'm glad I don't give up and I stick to it. No Impact Man posted today with an update of how some of the changes he's been making are working out - for good or ill. He also posted a couple of days ago about Susan Casey's article in Best Life Magazine entitled, "Plastic Ocean." This was a photo that accompanied the article and the photo was taken by Gregg Segal.

I find it hard to believe that some people don't think that making changes will make a difference. We can use less plastic if we put our minds to it. We can work to keep from bringing it into our homes. Experts say that one of the reasons global warming or climate change - or whatever you want to call it - has gotten to this point is that it is not something that we see every day. Its effects are not in our faces as constant reminders of the damage we do. It is harder to believe that it is actually happening when it is something like Greenland - so far away from us - that is melting rather than something, say, like, smog that would be something we could see and smell - and then agree upon that changes would need to be made.

I hope more people are seeing now. It seems there are more people in the mainstream talking about this crisis now. I hope my optimism is not without merit.

Here at Golightly Place, we have not turned on the air conditioning yet. It's June in Florida now and things are getting stickier and warmer every day. I'm not saying I won't turn it on all summer, but I'm just seeing how long we can go. We are all pretty cold-natured as it is and I do think that we all have acclimated somewhat to the warmer Florida temps anyway. When we do turn on the air, we keep it at 83 degrees F. With a ceiling fan on in the room we are in, we are comfortable. I realize that is not comfortable for many people, but it works for us.

As I type this, I am wearing a damp tank top. Now don't get any weird ideas, okay? I'm telling you this, because it is instantly cooling! I remembered doing this when I was pregnant with Maia in the summertime and it was so much more comfortable for me. If you're at home during the day, it may be an option to try if you're trying to go without air as much as possible too.

One concrete thing I've done this week is that I ordered a Diva Cup! It's long overdue. The thing I was going to be able to get with Mother's Day money fell through, so I went ahead and bought one. It will pay for itself in 6 months and I can't wait for it to get here!

So, those are a couple of things that I've done to reduce my impact this week. It always feels good - even on a day when everything seems to go wrong! :)


As promised:

Seven Random Things About Myself

I am left-handed.

I have lived in 20 different houses in my 38 years of life.

I eat little handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips nearly every day!

I was hit by a pick-up truck when I was 12, broke my skull, and now have a dent in my head (nicely covered by my hair) to prove it!

I am the oldest child of 3 children.

I can wiggle my eyeballs.

I love cherries, but hate any artificial cherry flavored.

Well, that's it. I'm not going to tag anyone, because I've seen this on nearly everyone else's blog already! But, thanks, Alina. I've never been tagged before (that could be number 8) and it was fun. :)


Jessica C said...

What a fun post!

omly said...

I can wiggle my eyeballs too :)

I hope you like the Diva cup. I had tried both it and the Keeper, but ultimately was much happier with the Diva cup. It may not be made out of biodegradable material, but it was worth it to me as I found the Keeper increased my likelihood of infections.

Aimee said...

i drove 40 minutes this week to a whole foods store that supposedly had diva cups in stock only to be out of them!!! i was disappointed but guess i will order it on-line!
other than that, i was more conscious of our electricity and water this week. i am a water-hog and tried to be more intentional in turning it off, using water that I cooked veggies in to water the plants, etc.
i am trying to buy more local too and will see how that goes!

TaunaLen said...

Hey, just wanted to stop by and say I've missed reading you the pastfew day. Hope all is well. I got a kick out of your list - I am also left handed, and love cherries / hate artificial cherry flavoring. Must have something to do with all that liquid tylenol I got as a child. The chocolate chips habit sounds like really good idea!


Anonymous said...

"I was hit by a pick-up truck when I was 12, broke my skull, and now have a dent in my head (nicely covered by my hair) to prove it!"

...and I came to visit you in the hsopital.

Enjoying your blog. You certainly kepe busy! Marie

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