Friday, May 18, 2007


On my way to pick up my mother-in-law this morning to take her to an appointment, I drove past these chairs and table sitting outside, waiting for garbage collection.

I am thrilled! I have wanted a little set like this for a long time!! After a little elbow grease and some rust-preventing paint, I'm going to set this set up in my garden somewhere and have a cup of tea! To think I almost passed it by. I saw one of the chairs out of the corner of my eye and just about kept going (not wanting to be late for the pick-up), but then I slowed down and started to back up. Maia, my older daughter, must be used to me and my eagle-eye, curb-hunting ways, because she immediately said, "Did you see something good?" LOL! That's my girl!

This coming Wednesday we are flying up to Minnesota to wait excitedly for the birth of my sister's first child! If I don't get to working on the chairs and table this weekend, I may not get to it until after we return. I will post "after" pictures when I do.

I haven't posted any of the sketching I've been doing lately, because mostly I haven't had a lot of time to do it. Recently, though, Amy, on the Creative Mom Podcast, talked about the idea of drawing your children with their favorite toys. Knowing that even this which seems so integral to our days - so now - so much a part of our every day lives - will some day come to pass, I thought it was a wonderful idea. This is a drawing of my daughter, Eve, from a photo taken of her last summer, having a tea party with all her favorite stuffed animals. It's a circus tea set my aunt and uncle passed down to us when my cousin outgrew it. In the picture is her very favorite, gingham-footed, "Strawberry" bunny, "Lamby" is under her elbow, "Salamander" is at the front, and "Daisy" bunny is on the left in her denim skirt.

In the last post I mentioned that I will be teaching art journaling to the children in our homeschool co-op next year. A couple of people asked me about lesson plans. I do have a lot of ideas, but no lesson plan just yet. I can tell you that we will be using all types of media (drawing, various paints, collage, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, etc.) to do different activities. Ideas come from everywhere, even right in front of you: draw your shoe, paint your breakfast, draw the receptionist in the waiting room, photograph and journal about the cool flower on your morning walk, draw your pets, collage your favorite things, collage what you want to be when you grow up, illustrate a favorite quote or scripture or hymn, prepare many background pages for your journal to inspire writing when inspiration hits, design a calendar page and record a tiny bit of something that happens to you every day over the summer, collect bits of ephemera and stick them in your journal and write about it, collage what the word, "family," means to you... or any other word, draw a favorite picture in colored pencils... then do the same picture in paint, paint a page all in shades of blue and journal in blue ink... then try it in all orange, and on and on. These are some of the ideas that I will be using with the children, but I just have to get them into some sort of sequential form for the year. But really, the ideas are endless... It's always the time that is never enough!

Perhaps you noticed the "Low Impact Week" picture in my sidebar. I don't know why I can't figure out how to get it to link, but... I can't. So, if you are interested in more information about this cool idea, check it out here. Here's one of those easy ideas that I don't think to mention to folks wanting to reduce their impact, but which we do. If you don't already, purchase your butter/margarine in sticks instead of tubs. We like the vegan, trans-fat free brand, Earth Balance. It also comes in tubs, but our area only recycles #1 & #2 plastics and those tubs are #5's and I just like to avoid plastic as much as possible anyway. Use that pretty crock or butter dish and leave it on the counter to keep it spreadable. We always use it up before it ever spoils. We've been doing this for years and have never had a problem.

And finally, we are in business! Such a pretty sight to me!

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