Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heading Out

See this lovely couple? The beautiful, auburn-haired lass is my own baby sister and her darling husband is there with her. This picture was taken this past Thanksgiving Day and she was juuuussst beginning to show the new little life growing inside of her.

Tomorrow, around 4:15 a.m. I will rise in the dark, quietly awaken two sleeping girls (who will undoubtably leap to attention with excitement), load up the van, kiss my own, sweet, sleeping husband good-bye (he cannot make this trip :( ) and head over to Grandma's house and then on to the airport to the plane that will take us to Minnesota.

She is due tomorrow with their first little one! Oh, how I hope and pray that the baby will be born during the ten days I am there. And I will be there. Attending the birth! It will be the third birth - other than my own two children - that I have attended.

If you think of it, please pray for my sister, Lael (LAY-el), and her husband, Mike, and their baby - for things to go well and everyone to be healthy. And prayers for me, Nicole, who just doesn't like to fly, and for my family for safe travels.

I plan to continue to post now and then while I am away. The scheduling may be erratic, but please stop in. I hope there will be a new little face to introduce you to here soon!!

Oh - and please continue with any Bible study suggestions. I am really looking forward to getting some ideas!


skatey katie said...

wooooooo hooooooooo
i hope you do get to be there for baby-arrival... what an awesome thing :o)

Laurie said...

I've been heavy in a new baby myself lately...sorry I haven't been around but just did a quick catch-up on your site. I'm so glad you finally got some rain! And your drawing of your daughter and her toys is just darling. Can I send you a favorite pic of mine? What would you charge me? :) Sending prayers for Lael and her sweet baby. Have a safe, fun trip!

Unknown said...

Hope your flight is smooth, the baby arrives soon, and you enjoy this precious time with your baby sister....sending positive thoughts and prayers.

Harmony Art Mom

Jessica C said...

Lord, please watch over this family -- Nichole and her girls as they fly to Minnesota. Send angels to watch over her sister, Lael, who will be delivering her first baby. May happiness surround this family during this exciting time and make for an awesome trip! )Amen(

Diane MacEachern said...

Good luck to your sister and her family. My niece is expecting in September, so my thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

How exciting - what a blessing! I bet now you are holding that precious new life in your arms. Can I just say what an AMAZING yard you have??? Breathtaking. truly breathtaking.

Studies - I am currently doing a deuteronomy study - I love it.

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