Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Home, Sweet, Home

(Above is a mosaic collage I recently created for the Creative Mom Podcast circle group at Flickr. It is images of some favorite things of mine around my home. Details about the individual photos are in my Flickr album which can be accessed using the Flickr button in the sidebar.)

This time of the year is a challenge every year. I think of it as "Dotting Our i's and crossing our t's." It is the final push of the year to just get done with school. My mind has leapt ahead to summer when I will have more unlimited time to pursue my own projects. I am greatly looking forward to that.

I am feeling that way especially now when we have had out-of-town guests in a steady stream over the last month. Lovely, truly. And I wouldn't change a minute of it. I looked forward to and enjoyed their visits immensely. But now I am definitely craving "me" time... and I'm starting to get just this side of crabby, since I'm not quite getting it yet. With all those loose school ends, there are just too many commitments still in the way.

Now that it appears our schedule will be getting more back to normal, though, I am really hoping to find my way back into some of my art projects. I haven't totally stopped crafting during this time. I've had things that I wanted to complete as gifts for other people first though. Those things were portable enough to work on while we were with our company, but I am missing that more open-ended exploratory time of working with various media and pushing myself into new directions. Getting lost in the process is part of what I crave; it is centering and healing to me and I find that when I'm not getting that - when I know that there is something that I want to be trying, an idea that keeps nagging me, but I can't get at it - that is when I begin to get edgy.

This past weekend, we did a huge amount of rearranging and serious spring cleaning. I worked steadily Friday through Sunday and then some finishing touches on Monday. So this weekend is one that I am truly looking forward to. No commitments. No schedule. And bonus: a clean and organized house!

I wonder. I wonder if I could really not go anywhere for a week? I wonder if I could only travel by bike for a week? I have this capability, because I do not work outside my home. I wonder if I could do that for a week this summer? Make that a real vacation goal. I wonder what I could do- what I could get done - around my house if I actually did not go anywhere for one week. Would I go stir crazy or would I love it? The bike gives me greater range and I love riding. Maybe that would be the second week. I suspect something would challenge that very challenge to myself. I would guess that something like a book would come due at the library or a trip to the doctor would necessitate. But really... it would be fun to try I think. Have any of you ever done this? Perhaps it's something to really give some thought (and planning) to. Have you ever spend a whole week at "home, sweet, home"?


Kelli said...

That sounds like a fun and interesting challenge...I will give it some thought. I'm pretty sure we could do it because there is a big grocery store and library close by. I really like your picture collage!

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

I see you are from Minnesota. My husband and I want to move there in a year or two. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me! Have a great weekend ~ Tiffany

Marcie said...

I have stayed home for a full week in the past, during the winter and particularly during our homeschooling years when our focus truly was right here at home. I miss those days! I wish I lived where I could walk or bike to the market, the library, etc., but we live in the country. There are of course many advantages to that as well, but saving on gas is not one of them!

Kelli said...

I wanted to come by and answer your question about homeschooling. We use Sonlight curriculum and I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Mason so I've been slowly incorporating her ideas into our routine.
Thank you for asking!

Unknown said...

Loved your collage.

I know some that stay home for a week without going anywhere and they are quite content. I am not sure if I could live up to the challenge. The four walls close-in on me pretty quick even if I stay home for a day or two without getting out. I love my home but I also need to *move*.

Harmony Art Mom

Creative Life Studio said...

Mrs. Hurzeler,
Where do you live now and where are you going to be in MN?

Kelli & Barb,
Thanks for the note on the collage. It was fun and easy! A cool thing for the kids to try sometime too!

Thanks, girl! :)

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