Monday, April 9, 2007


Do you do this? Do you take pictures of the same Easter festivities every year? Well, I love it: the colors, the dyes, the fun & fancy, springtime clothes, the hunt. Like Christmas, I'm sure I could put together a whole photo album or scrapbook dedicated just to Easter. But, um, I'm not going there. I'm certainly not needing any other projects. The lists and ideas just keep coming and growing (notice, not going!).
I'm still trying to figure out just how the photo layout works here on Blogger. *sigh* Please forgive this if it turns out to be too random.

Here are the girls and me on our chilly Easter morning! I know the rest of the U.S. was feeling the cold snap too. These short sleeves didn't last long after our return from church!!

It was my last day of church and the first day of my sabbatical, which may just turn into remaining church-free for some time.

The cousins are still in town and it was a lot of fun to share our Easter dying with them. This year Grandma hosted the egg dye-ing festivities.

Cole stares intently into the cup to see the chemical reaction taking place!!

The bigger folks can't help dying at least one egg
for themselves too.

Some patient sticker work in process:

The hunt begins the next day after church at our house.

The bunny even hid some eggs on the trampoline...and mangaged to get one up in the tree too!

After the hunt, the cousins gathered together to peel and eat their newly-found snacks.


Hope you all had a blessed Easter! Thanks for stopping by!


Aisling said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. I love your haircut. I'm ready to have mine done again, and seeing such a cute "sassy" short hairstyle makes me eager to get it done! Thanks for sharing photos of your holiday. :)

AIMEE said...

looks like fun! it ended up being warm here later in the day and we took a wonderful stroll. it was also my son's birthday so it was a busy day of celebration!

Penny said...

It looks like you had a great Easter and you took some terrific photos! Thanks for the comment on my blog and thanks for all that you share on yours.

Kelli said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like everyone had a fun time together!

Randi said...

Lovely pictures!

I was thinking the same thing as I was photographing the eggs this year--do I really need to document this again? I guess my answer was "yes"! ;)

PlainJane said...

Thanks for sharing your Easter!
Will miss you at HSB, but will come to visit you here too.
We are very excited as we leave for vacation in Florida in approx. 4 wks. - Daytona & then Orlando. It's been a long time since I've been a tourist there. It will be fun! Have a great day!

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